Gingerbread Photo Contest

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One of my favorite Christmas traditions to do with my kids every year is to make a Gingerbread house. This tradition is immediately followed by one of my other favorite traditions, eating said Gingerbread House. But I always make sure to get pictures in between. Truth be told? I’ve never actually attempted to make a… Read more »

5 Cost Cutting Tips for Thanksgiving

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It’s great to have the entire family over for a generous Thanksgiving meal, but feeding a dozen people can be an expensive affair. With these five tips, you can drastically lower the cost of preparing a Thanksgiving meal. 1. Plan Ahead Your local grocery store will have a lot of Thanksgiving items on sale. Keep… Read more »

Thanksgiving Stuffing and Supporting Charities

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Last night AboutOne had a FANTASTIC twitter party last night. We all shared things we are thankful for and ways we are trying to better the world. Please support these charities this holiday season. Our new friend Linda from My Seattle Night Out, shared this recipe we’re excited to try next week! 🙂 Thanksgiving Stuffing… Read more »

A Warm Fire and Fresh Pumpkin

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As I write this I am sitting near a fire with fresh pumpkin pie in the kitchen and an almost empty mug of gingerbread latte beside me. It’s pouring rain outside and I am loving every minute of it. THIS is my favorite time of the year. Plans for Thanksgiving are being made, Christmas is… Read more »

5 Health Benefits of Candy (For Real)

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Last week we discovered Halloween candy doesn’t actually make kids hyperactive. While my children prove otherwise, here are a few reason (aka: excuses) you should be digging in to their health stash of candy this season. 1. People who eat candy live longer A comprehensive study from the Harvard School of Public Health revealed that… Read more »

Top Five Healthy Summer Treats

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Just before the holiday weekend I was planning a small get together with some friends and family and just when I needed some recipe ideas, our friends at Practically Green sent us an email. The ideas are all pretty easy and are super tasty so I thought you’d like to try them out too! So,… Read more »

Sandwiches for Our Young Picky Eaters!

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After this holiday weekend, we thought about what it was like to be a toddler, surrounded by food and adults you rarely see all trying to feed you things outside your comfort zone. Do you know that feeling? It’s an understatement to say that some of us were picky eaters as kids. Maybe we just… Read more »

5 Ways to Eat Better This Year

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It’s a brand-new year, and if one of your goals in 2011 is to eat healthier, then making these five easy adjustments to your diet will lead to a more nutritious you. 1. Spend more time in the produce aisle Grocery shopping can be a chore, but take the extra time to really see what… Read more »

8 Foods Not Worth Paying More For

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At the grocery store, we oftentimes equate higher price with higher quality. That’s not necessarily the case, as evidenced by these eight foods, where the cheaper counterpart is just as good, and in some cases, better: 1. Thick-skinned produce Skip the organic option for onions, avocados, oranges, grapefruit, mangos, pineapple, and bananas — since they… Read more »