Delivery Room Decisions

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Before delving into this week’s topic, I wanted to reflect back on “The Dirty Dozen” post from several weeks ago. I came across yet another article touting the benefits of organic produce, specifically for children and pregnant women. Once again, despite the controversy surrounding this topic, I remain convinced that organic is the way to… Read more »

A Trip to the Zoo

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This week, I am straying a bit from the typical “Green Mommy Chronicles” format, which archives my experience as a mama in pretty much chronological order.  Occasionally, just to liven things up, I may decide to throw in musings about an article I have recently read or a more current experience.  Hence, today’s post. This… Read more »

A (Processed) Bun in the Oven

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When was the last time you opened a package of hot dogs to make for lunch or brought along a container of goldfish crackers for your child to eat while you were out and about? You were most likely lured by the convenience and/or low cost of these food choices but probably had a sense… Read more »

Green Pregnancy Continued: The Dirty Dozen

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Note: this is the second post in a series on going green during pregnancy. See the first post here! You may already be familiar with the term “dirty dozen” in reference to the dozen fruits and vegetables containing the highest concentrations of pesticide residue. The concept of the dirty dozen has become more mainstream over… Read more »

Pregnancy Basics

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My pregnancy was planned and happened quickly. My husband was on a two week business trip to Japan when I took the pregnancy test and it came up positive. Before I took the test, I had planned on surprising him in some grandiose way with the news when he returned home, but once I saw… Read more »