The Danger Zone

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When I read questions that parents ask around the Web, I notice a common thread about setting limits with their children. Over and over again, moms want to know why what they’re doing isn’t working. “The Danger Zone” just might be the answer. A battle of wills, normal as it is, is one of the… Read more »

Footloose: Stop the Madness!

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It’s certainly no secret to anyone who knows me that I am a pop culture junkie. My favorite books, music, TV and movies all hold a special place in my heart. Especially the ones I enjoyed while growing up. My passion for these pop culture things also translates into a bit of protectiveness when it… Read more »

The CrisisCamper Tour Begins!

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The tour begins here in San Francisco and will go all the way to New Orleans! To keep watch on the CrisisCamper’s progress watch Life360’s U.S.A map! The CrisisCamper (Follow it on Twitter@CrisisCamper) Tour for National Preparedness Month (September) is promoting digital preparedness and open data to help communities be better prepared for crisis. Throughout… Read more »

A Day of Remembrance and Strength

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The one thing that never ceases to inspire me is the uncanny ability of Americans to pull each other close, stand together, and believe in tomorrow. It could be said that some of our brightest moments, as a people, have come out of the unfortunate ashes of tragedy. Today is a day of remembrance; we… Read more »

Teaching Change With Coffee

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Let’s face it; kids can be pretty self-involved. But I try not to hold the selfish tendencies against kids too much, because part of the natural development of a child is to grow out of that self involvement and begin to understand that they are part of something much bigger then just themselves. Some kids… Read more »

Life360 Helps Families Stay Connected During Hurricane Irene

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As Hurricane Irene struck, some Life360 users found themselves right in its path. This hurricane caused widespread flooding, massive power outages, wind damage, and uncertainty for East Coast residents. As seen with the recent earthquake that struck Richmond, VA earlier this month, Life360 allowed its users to stay in touch and keep peace of mind… Read more »

10 Reasons I Don’t Have a Blog Post Today

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I love writing and blogging. In fact I write for a couple of blogs, work as a Virtual Assistant, am a mom of two school age kids, social media savvy, married to a musician and living a pretty basic if not odd suburban life here in the outer reaches of the San Francisco Bay area…. Read more »

Life360 App Used by Thousands of Families to Reconnect Following 5.8 Earthquake that Rocked the East Coast

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Yesterday afternoon, the East Coast was shaken up with an earthquake rarely seen in that part of the country. Thankfully, only limited damages were reported, according to The New York Times. While cell phone lines were jammed, families successfully used the Life360 app to transmit their location and safety status during the quake. In the… Read more »

Change Starts with You.

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Someone special once told a younger version of myself that I could change the world. This person believed in me SO much. He said like throwing a stone in a pond, my actions will cause ripples in the water all around me. Those ripples will go on further than I ever could have imagined. I… Read more »