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I have a confession to make. I’m not really doing anything to prevent “summer learning loss” this summer. Shhh. I know, I’m a bad mom. This summer has been all about, well about nothing. I work from home and generally do that during the first part of the day. The kids play in the backyard, build forts or read… Read more »

The Message of The Lorax

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If you look hard enough in just about any kids movie, you can find deep in the heart of it is a message. Sometimes it’s buried deep beneath a pile of commercial endorsements, fart jokes, special effects, and silly slapstick humor that always seems to appeal to the elementary school crowd. But no matter how… Read more »

A Mother’s Instinct

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When my son was little he used to get the croup. I can remember the first time he had it. We had no idea what it was, we just knew that the sound coming from his little baby chest was unlike anything we’d ever heard. It’s funny though. After a couple of times dealing with… Read more »