Life360 Adds Ben Kim as VP of Product to Help Bring Families Peace of Mind

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SAN FRANCISCO, June 15, 2018 – Life360, the leading location sharing app that protects and connects families, today announced the addition of Ben Kim as the Vice President of Product. Previously, Ben has held positions in mobile-focused roles such as Groupon and Gametime and will bring his expertise of the mobile consumer industry to Life360…. Read more »

Surviving Daylight Savings Time

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There are few days in the calendar year that I despise more than the one coming up on March 11. The day that Daylight Savings Times (DST) begins. Better known as the day we “Spring Forward” and move the clocks ahead one hour, losing one hour of beautiful priceless, sleep. When Daylight Saving time ends… Read more »

Check out this awesome shopping app!

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Holidays can be stressful for many reason which is why our blog contributor, Meghan, shared her Holiday Survival Guide with you. We’ve discovered something amazing that you are going to HAVE to download for your iPad to get through this shopping season. Check this out! The app is called Gifts HD and so far I’m… Read more »

5 Cost Cutting Tips for Thanksgiving

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It’s great to have the entire family over for a generous Thanksgiving meal, but feeding a dozen people can be an expensive affair. With these five tips, you can drastically lower the cost of preparing a Thanksgiving meal. 1. Plan Ahead Your local grocery store will have a lot of Thanksgiving items on sale. Keep… Read more »

Holiday Survival Guide

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It’s officially here. The beginning of the HOLIDAY SEASON. And despite all its magic and beauty it can also be the beginning of a very stressful time for many people. Large family get togethers, presents to buy, trees and school plays and parties and Christmas parades, etc. It can all be pretty daunting. So here… Read more »

Preparing for Daylight Savings Time

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I’m pretty open about the fact that Fall is my favorite time of the year. But there is one thing about fall that I DO NOT LOVE. That’s Daylight Savings Time, which happens this Sunday at 2AM. But I will admit that the time change we go through in the fall is better than what we… Read more »

Zero Waste Household

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If you didn’t hear, it was Earth Day yesterday. In keeping with the green theme, we wanted to share a story this morning about a family that provides an amazing example to all of us. They have successfully gotten rid of their trash can! A family of 4, plus a little dog :), have embraced… Read more »