Parenting and the Milk Carton Generation

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I often notice that people around my parent’s age and older poke fun at my generation when it comes to parenting related issues. Sometimes I even hear other parents my age poke fun at themselves. We are the first truly “safety first” generation. We are not only the generation that became parents with television, magazines… Read more »

Facebook Punishments

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I’m sure you heard recently about the mother who is facing criticism after punishing her daughter via Facebook. Her 13 year old daughter not only got involved in a bunch of online drama with her friends but mouthed off to her in front of her friends, so Denise Abbott not only temporarily banned daughter Ava… Read more »

2 Different Reasons Why being an Over-Involved Parent Doesn’t Work?

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You’re mystified as you watch her in action and want to scream, “Stop behaving like that.” Sounds, like I’m talking about a child, right? I’m not; I’m talking about an over-involved parent. Over-involved parents tend to micromanage everything in their child’s world. They’re the parents who think it’s better to fix, rather than teach their… Read more »

How to Make 1-2-3 Warnings Work

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You’re probably used to giving your kids warnings (“That needs to stop right now!”), but do they work? You may find that your warnings are more effective when you tailor your approach to your child’s temperament. Here’s a question to help you figure out what kind of approach to take: How does your child react… Read more »