When Bad Parenting Happens

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Recently I wrote two different articles for Life360 about parenting and discipline. I wrote about the dad who shot his daughter’s laptop in a slightly misguided, but maybe not entirely wrong, case of extreme discipline and I wrote about some recent experiences with parents on the other side of the parenting spectrum, those who don’t… Read more »

The Dangers of Facebook

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Here on the blog we have covered a variety of topics related to Facebook, but this recent story out of Charlton, Ma. Made me think that maybe we should talk about Facebook… some more. Seventeen students at Bay Path Technical Vocational Regional High School recently discovered that some of their Facebook photos and personal information… Read more »

The Dad and His Daughter's Laptop

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So the internets are all a buzz over the latest viral video gone crazy. You may have already seen the video of the dad shooting his daughter’s laptop. This video and the subsequent story has intrigued me and I’ve not only been following it but reaching out to friends and others to see what THEY… Read more »

6 Ways to Prevent Sibling Rivalry

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When siblings fight, everyone in the family is affected. When a parent hears, “Give it to me!” “Get away from me!” or “No, m-i-n-e!” their first reaction is to yell, “Stop it!” or “How many times have I told you!” Many parents with more than one child have told me: “They fight terribly. . .They… Read more »