The Tooth Fairy Strikes

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The last few months before Christmas my 6-year-old had been getting antsy. She was one of the last kids in her first grade class who had not yet lot her first tooth. She kept asking me when she would finally lose a tooth, and though I continued to assure her that eventually she would, I… Read more »

How to Deal with Back Talk

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 Don’t you dare talk to me that way! 

When a child is being verbally disrespectful, or as we called it in our home, “emotionally biting” someone, a parent’s defensive wall goes up and she screams right back! Most parents who are having loud, ugly words screamed at them would react. The question is, “is there… Read more »

Person of the Year: The Protester

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This article originated on Babble Time Magazine made a very interesting choice in their selection of “Person of the Year.” It wasn’t Barack Obama, Steve Jobs or even Lady Gaga…they picked “the protester.” The protestor had a surprisingly huge impact on the world this past year. There was the the Arab Spring, the protests in Tunisia,… Read more »


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My kids are not teenagers yet. They are eight and six and therefore are not on Facebook. The computer they use to play games or go online is on my work desk and in the family room next to the kitchen. They can’t do anything on it without their dad or myself hovering about. The… Read more »