Pox Parties

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Just when I think I’ve heard everything when it comes to crazy parenting fads, one comes along and just knocks me right out of my socks. Now I am no stranger to debating vaccines. But of all the vaccines I’ve debated the one that I’m always the least concerned with is Chicken Pox. Yes, I… Read more »

The Good Old Days

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Life360 isn’t the only blog I write for and every so often I like to share a post I wrote for SheHeroes with you guys here at Life360. Especially when it’s nice and ranty and about one of my most passionate topics: the messages the media sends to our kids. Sometimes, as I manage my… Read more »

This Season's Ultimate Holiday Gift: Camp

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This publication is from our friends at the American Camp Association (ACA). For more information on ACA please visit www.ACAcamps.org Is this scene familiar? You are standing in the aisle at your local toy store during the holidays trying to decide what would be the best gift. The problem is that your child has just… Read more »

Alcohol Gummy Bears

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Just a few moments ago, my MASK Matters newsletter flew into my inbox with something I just had to share. First a little bit about MASK. Mothers Awareness on School-age Kids is an organization with mission to educate both parents and children about the issues facing our youth today and to empower children to make… Read more »

HPV Vaccine -Update

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It was only a few short weeks ago that I wrote a post here on the Life360 blog about the HPV vaccine. You can head over here and read it now. Go ahead, I’ll wait. OK now that you’re up to speed! I wanted to update you on some new developments regarding the HPV vaccine…. Read more »

Letting Nature Go

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I would certainly consider myself to be one of those people who has an opinion on everything. And if you’ve read even just a few of my posts here on Life360, I’m sure you probably agree.  But recently I came across a news story that left me really unsure of how exactly I felt about… Read more »

Chatter that Matters

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Note from the editor: We are SO excited to be featuring words from MASK – Mothers Awareness on School-age Kids. MASK seeks to engage, empower, and educate parents on real-life matters that affect their children every day. We can’t always know everything that is going on in our children’s lives, but we CAN do our… Read more »