Potty Training and Parent Pie

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A lot of parents express that they’re at their wits’ end with potty training. They say they have tried everything from rewards and charts, to stickers, bribes and positive reinforcement, and NOTHING has worked! This is a difficult situation, and not unusual, especially for boys. A child can be well into the potty training process,… Read more »

Halloween Candy Doesn't Cause Hyperactivity

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So we have love/hate relationship with candy here. But here’s another reason that you can sleep easy: candy, and sweets in general, aren’t causing your kids to be “hyper.” Turns out it’s just a health myth. A double-blind study tested the effects of sweets on behavior and hyperactivity in kids. It turns out it has… Read more »

British Schools Banning Skirts and Make-Up

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I recently read a story that seemed so conflicting 1950s yet totally understandable in this day and age: the publicly funded Nailsea School in Britain is creating a stir this year by outright banning skirts. That’s right, skirts. This falls in line with a similar ban made two years ago by the school, stoping girls… Read more »

When Being a Parent Warrants a Lawsuit

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Sometimes my kids don’t like me. More often than not they express these sentiments after I’ve forced them to clean their room, fold laundry, do homework or some other god-awful task that, judging by the way they complain, must actually physically harm them in some way. These things don’t bother me too much though. I… Read more »

Getting Better Behavior Without Yelling

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Introducing: Sharon Silver as a new contributor to Life360Now! Sharon is the author of Stop Reacting and Start Responding: 108 Ways to Discipline Consciously and Become the Parent You Want to Be, and the founder of Proactive Parenting. Her book and site help parents gain more patience by responding, not reacting as they deal with… Read more »

Green Product Review – Play Clay

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A natural play clay made by Mama K’s, this set of five is made with essential oils and ingredients you understand. Gluten-free, vegan and non-toxic, this play clay is great for kids or even for your office to relieve stress. A natural play clay made by Mama K’s, this set of five is made with… Read more »