Recall: HP Notebook Batteries

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Hewlett-Packard is recalling lithium ion batteries on select models of HP and Compaq laptops. Apparently the batteries have been known to overheat and rupture, “resulting in flames/fire that caused minor property damage.” Yikes! Bursting into flames? The models affected were manufactured between August 2007 and March 2008 and sold just about everywhere you can buy… Read more »

Pampers Rep Responds to the Dry Max Controversy

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Last week, we reached out to Beth Balsam, who works for the public relations agency that represents Proctor and Gamble, to respond to the Pampers Dry Max controversy. Here’s what she had to say. I was kindly invited to post here to provide Pampers point of view, and given that I don’t work directly for… Read more »

Why Adult Cyclists Should Wear Helmets Too

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“There was a time when I didn’t wear a helmet; I thought I looked like a dork,” says Catherine Talese, a freelance photography director who lives in Manhattan. “But I’ve realized it’s not negotiable. Helmets are really your only safety gear in a city where pedestrians and drivers are still learning to share the road… Read more »

Are Pampers Dry Max Fears Overblown?

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We’ve covered the Pampers Dry Max controversy pretty thoroughly, but it’s been hard getting a good sense of just how common the diaper rashes are. While it’s been impressive how moms from around the country have coordinated such a strong effort against the behemoth diaper manufacturer Procter and Gamble, but at the same time, all… Read more »

Are There Dangerous Secret Chemicals in Your Perfume?

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According to analysis by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics called “Not So Sexy: The Health Risks of Secret Chemicals in Fragrance,” top-selling fragrances for both men and women contain, on average, 14 chemicals not listed on labels. The study revealed that these secret ingredients are not listed thanks to a loophole in federal law that… Read more »

Introducing Rentalic, a Community Rental Website

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Here’s a genius idea: a community-specific rental marketplace. The goal of Rentalic is to help people save money, make money, and ultimately cut down on the environmental impact of buying stuff that we don’t need to use regularly. Be sure to check out Rentalic and Steffany’s website EcoBold.

Recall: 2.5 Million Step2 Riding Toys

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission is on a recall roll. After last week’s major recall of drop-side cribs and this week’s potential ban, the agency is now recalling 2.5 million Step2 Push Around and Whisper Ride buggies. The toys, pictured right, have faulty handles that can detach and injure children. Interestingly, the toy has been… Read more »

Parents on Facebook Leading the Charge on Pampers Recall

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Last week, the folks at the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced that they were opening an investigation into Pampers Dry Max diapers and their potential to give babies a serious rash. Surprisingly, the most vocal critic of the diaper maker Proctor and Gamble hasn’t been the CPSC, but Facebook parents. Facebook pages like “Bring back… Read more »