Life360 App Update – Nov. New Features!

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We’re excited to announce a new update for the free Life360 app for both iPhone and Android! It’s full of new features that we know you’re going to love. In addition to some updates that will improve overall ease-of-use, we have developed these great new (and free) features: The FamilyChannelâ„¢, Quick Notes, Safety Emails &… Read more »

Green Product Review – Play Clay

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A natural play clay made by Mama K’s, this set of five is made with essential oils and ingredients you understand. Gluten-free, vegan and non-toxic, this play clay is great for kids or even for your office to relieve stress. A natural play clay made by Mama K’s, this set of five is made with… Read more »

Green Product Review: Is your baby teething?

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Is your baby teething? Will he or she begin teething sometime soon? Make sure to get something that you don’t have to worry about when they put it in their mouth! This is an organic teether made with 100% organic cotton. Others may contain chemicals such as BPA or other ingredients that are related to… Read more »

Product Review: eSutras Detox Kit

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Does body detox work? Yes! And this one is a very light and easy detox kit, perfect for starters. Other kits can be much tougher and hard core but this one still lets you eat and drink your coffee. I’ve done a colon detox before (my mom had bought the wrong one and didn’t want… Read more »

Product Review: The Best Baby Bottle EVER!

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Nina is SO CUTE! Also, these baby bottles are pretty handy! Nourish Baby Bottles was created to fill many purposes, the company was started by a mom who had a hard time feeding her baby with the bottles that were in the market, and she decided to make something that’s easy to use, toxic-free and… Read more »

Review: Cookies for Babies!

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Cookies for Babies are made for teething babies of 9 mos and up. If your life isn’t about you anymore (aka you have a child), you know that the you’ll eventually need to give them a teething cookie or something similar. With these you can rest assured that they’re good. Cookies for Babies is made… Read more »

Product Review: Compost Bin

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Hey Everyone, we have found a great composting bin for you! If you don’t know all the benefits of composting you should definitely watch the video below! My mom is a composting queen, and she’s going to help show us what is so amazing about composting and using this product! Composting is becoming very popular… Read more »

Product Review: Organic Pillow

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Wabi sabi house decoration style! These organic cotton throw pillows are not only stunning and will give life to any place, they’re also hand made in the USA and the covers are made with organic cotton. The paint used is water based ink and the inserts are made with 100% hypoallergenic inserts in unbleached cotton… Read more »

Product Review: Taj Rose Mist

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This organic facial rose mist has many wonderful qualities, it is Ph balanced and works for all skins types: dry skin, oily skin, acne skin (me!), and sensitive skin. Moreover, it does not contain any synthetic chemicals (aka no lab made chemicals). See what Jules has to say! Rose mist comes from rose water and… Read more »