Phasing Out of Infant Drops for Certain Medicines

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Companies like Johnson & Johnson and other household brands are planning to phase out infant doses for cold medicines containing acetaminophen. This is the drug found in Tylenol that helps with pain and fever reduction. This is happening, as USA Today reports, because of the dangers associated with the drug. Acetaminophen is a ubiquitous pain… Read more »

Radiation Found In Milk

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Is your family being cautious? The New York Times reported last week that a small amount of radiation was found in milk products. Officials say not to worry though, the amount of radiation is very small and wont cause harm to even our youngest family members. The radiation came from the nuclear plant damaged during… Read more »

Facebook Saves the Day

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Facebook has certainly seen it’s fair share of criticism over the last couple of years. Including from your truly, but last week I read a news story that got me thinking about Facebook and I couldn’t help but notice something that made me realize what the appeal of Facebook really is, for me anyway. Last… Read more »

Fresh Snack Pack Reusable, Non-Toxic Sandwich Bags

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I always feel guilty using Ziploc sandwich bags because they’re disposable and I use a lot of them in a week. But no longer, thanks to these BPA-free Fresh Snack Pack bags. For more info, check out the Fresh Snack Pack website and for more green reviews from Steffany, go to EcoBold.

7 Christmas Tree Safety Tips

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Fun (or maybe not-so-fun) safety fact: the winter is a big season for home fires. What’s to blame? A lot of it has to do with Christmas trees, which are a tradition AND a safety hazard, if not treated properly. Here are some tips to make sure you’re handling your Christmas tree safely. Buy the… Read more »

Feisty Elle's Eco-Friendly Jewelry

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Eco-friendly jewelry from Feisty Elle! Perfect for Christmas. And with the coupon code ECOBOLD25, you can save 25% off your order. Save money and the planet. And be sure to check out Steffany’s site EcoBold for more green reviews and eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas.

What Your Child's Facebook Use Says About Your Parenting Style

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Some estimates of internet addiction put figures between five and ten percent of all teens, but I think that number is conservative when you try and separate any teen from his/her cell phone. Facebook fosters compulsive behavior, in particular. Lisa Haisha at the Huffington Post has four tips for parents with Facebook-addicted kids. You don’t… Read more »