Multivitamins: What’s the Scoop?

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No nutrition scientist doubts that the best way to get vitamins and mineral is by eating a variety of foods on a daily basis.  Most mothers will tell you that getting a child–regardless of age–to eat a variety of foods on a daily basis is easier said than done.  For toddlers, tastes are still evolving… Read more »

5 Health Benefits of Candy (For Real)

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Last week we discovered Halloween candy doesn’t actually make kids hyperactive. While my children prove otherwise, here are a few reason (aka: excuses) you should be digging in to their health stash of candy this season. 1. People who eat candy live longer A comprehensive study from the Harvard School of Public Health revealed that… Read more »

6 Halloween Safety Tips

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It’s here! Its here! One of my favorite holidays is FINALLY here, Halloween! Halloween is one of the few holidays where the main agenda is to simply have fun. What other holiday do we get to scare people, eat candy, and run around pretending to be someone else? That’s pretty much as fun as a… Read more »

Halloween Candy Doesn't Cause Hyperactivity

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So we have love/hate relationship with candy here. But here’s another reason that you can sleep easy: candy, and sweets in general, aren’t causing your kids to be “hyper.” Turns out it’s just a health myth. A double-blind study tested the effects of sweets on behavior and hyperactivity in kids. It turns out it has… Read more »

Get Well Soup

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Frost warning tonight, sneezing and sniffling in the air, children missing school sounds like time to put the soup kettle on and read about The Bunnies Get Well Soup. If you have never read this lovely little story, now is the time.  All the little bunnies have colds, and Mother Rabbit doesn’t have enough ingredients… Read more »

Treats Can Be Tricky

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Halloween and the load of sugar that comes with it may scare parents more than the monsters knocking on their doors. Here is the basic scenario: The kids come home from a night of ghoulish fun with a supersize container or sweet treats, namely candy. In their minds, they worked for it; they earned it;… Read more »