Check In & Panic: Keep Your Family Safe and in Sync!

Note: this is part 2 of 4 articles sharing the most helpful uses of Life360’s Family Safety App on iPhone or Android!

Last week we talked about how our lives can sometimes be overwhelming. Especially when we try desperately to keep everyone in the family on the same page. We’ll as we shared in part 1, “there’s an app for that!” It’s called Life360 and its free!

We are excited to share that we are now a part of over 13 million people’s lives—the best part is our family safety app will always be FREE!

There are several different ways families around the country are using Life360. You can read some of their stories here!

What can Life360 do for you?

Last week we covered the Family Locating feature. Here is another great feature your family is sure to find helpful!

Check In & Panic Alert – This is a great feature that goes hand-in-hand with the Family Locating feature but takes it a step further. It’s a great way to keep in touch with everyone in the family! You can Check In by clicking the green button at the top of the screen. This shares your location and that you’re safe and sound. Or you can send a Panic Alert by clicking the red button at the top of the screen. This notifies your family of your location and that you need help!

The Check In feature works great through daily life like when your teenager is hanging out with friends—they no longer have to make the “embarrassing phone call to Mom,” letting you know where they are. They get their independence, and mom and dad still know where and what their kids are up to!

When the unfortunate personal emergencies occur, Life360 makes notifying your family quick and simple when it matters most. In just a few taps, everyone in your family knows you need help and where they can find you. After the Panic Alert sends, the app gives you the option to immediately call 911–that’s fewer taps to call 911 than if you did it manually!

Natural Disasters – The really amazing part of this feature is that it even works during natural disasters when phone lines get jammed. The Life360 app uses such a small amount of data that your location and safety status gets through to our system so we can keep sending out your info until everyone in your family gets it.

Here’s a map showing real Check Ins and Panic Alerts sent during the Tornadoes in Oklahoma last May.

Come back next week to learn about the Family Channel feature on the app! It’s never been easier to keep the whole family on the same page.

If you haven’t tried it out, you can get the latest version of Life360 for free on iPhone or Android!

We would love to get your feedback! If you have comments, questions, suggestions or just want to say how you love the app, please leave us a note below! Your feedback helps us learn what you want and what improvements to make on the app. Thanks, we love hearing from everyone.


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