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Scary Trend: Rising Number of Child Deaths from Hot Cars

Since the beginning of June, there have been 18 reported deaths from infants left in hot cars. That’s the largest number of reported hyperthermia deaths since the late ’90s. What can parents do to make sure that their child doesn’t become one of those statistics?

The government and safety experts are urging parents to never leave children in the car unattended — not even for short periods of time. Also, many of the recent deaths involved children who climbed into unlocked vehicles and couldn’t get out. In cars with the windows up, a hot day can turn the inside of a vehicle up to 140 degrees.

July being the hottest month, it also tends to be the most deadly. According to David Strickland of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “These really are good parents who love these kids who make a mistake that turns out to be fatal.”

From the Associated Press. Photo by monozygotic.