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Six Year Old Arrested for Kicking Principal

Parenting can tough. Being a schoolteacher or administrator can be tough. Especially when dealing with children that can be, shall we say, high maintenance? Now my own kids are by no means perfect or anything, but I consider myself lucky that for the most part they are good kids. They don’t get in trouble at school and though that make me a little crazy sometimes, they’re loving and good kids.

Now in my experience as both a daycare provider provider, an assistant preschool teacher and as a parent volunteer at my own kid’s school I have seen some high maintenance kids. Kids that I know are not bad, but are troubled. I feel for the parents and teachers who struggle to handle these high maintenance kids.

When I observe these situations I often wonder what it is the child in question needs. A firmer hand or a loving ear.

That’s why my interest was peaked when I heard the recent story about a six year old that was arrested in Shelbyville, Indiana for kicking his principal. The boy had been suspended from school for hitting school employees. Upon his return from suspension he became violent and threatened to kill the vice-principal and then kicked the principal, according to police reports.

The local police were called and the boy was taken by police car, though not handcuffed. He was preliminary charged with battery and intimidation and released to his parents.

“Getting them [the police] involved was in hopes to make the situation better, and not to have a punitive situation,” said Principal Pat Lumbley. There are school rules in place to protect teachers and school employees from unruly students and possible lawsuits.

A similar incident occurred in Indianapolis when a 12-year-old , who was disciplined for running in the school hallway, was arrested after a teacher claimed he punched her. The boy had been sent o the school’s detention room after being caught running in the halls. When the teacher returned to the room to tell the boy it was time to go home for the day, the boy pushed her up against the wall and ran away. When the teacher found him, the boy punched her and police were called.

When police asked the boy why he didn’t just get on the bus to go home, the boy told police he would have hit the teacher anyway, according to the police report.

Now I have a hard time imagining my child “arrested” for anything or how scary that would be for them. But at the same time it seems (based on the news stories anyway) that the kids here are not exactly first time offenders. If parents and teachers are unable to control a child, even at age 6, is it OK for police to step in? It appears that in neither of these cases were the children hurt and it also appears that neither of them was showing much remorse (again, bases on the news stories).

Is the fear that a ride in a police car and a few hours in juvenile detention the push these kids need to straighten their attitudes or is it just another nudge in the wrong direction? What do you think?

23 Responses to “Six Year Old Arrested for Kicking Principal”

  1. Betty Baez

    I t really troubles me that a six year old would behave in that manner I think the real question is how are these parents raising their children that's something that needs to be looked at there's obviously something going wrong at home or internally that needs to be attended. I don't think that a child should be placed in the system that young its definitely leadin them in the wrong path. I think counceling is a better choice.

  2. aric

    i don't think an arrest solves this problem. perhaps something like therapy for the child and their parents would be beneficial. slapping their wrist and sending them on their way doesn't seem the right thing to do.

  3. Abby B.

    This is a tough one. I think an arrest is a little extreme in this case, although clearly something needs to be done for this child as it isn't a first offense. I know a lot of kids though who were more than a handful when they were 6 are now responsible, contributing adults. And they didn't have to go through jail to get there. Maybe extensive therapy or transferring the child to a school that specializes in special needs children would have been a better option.

  4. Melrae Segal

    i think its really sad that it has come to this. back in the day you wouldnt arrest a 6 year old boy for being violent, you would call it "rough housing" and respond with normal punishment. but when normal punishment fails, and there are 6 year olds bringing guns to school, then i think this is acceptable. something needs to get through to this boy after hes doing this again and again.

  5. luckylady47

    See this is what happens when society becomes to politically correct, if parents were allowed to spank their children schools wouldn't be having these problems now .

  6. Tari Lawson

    I don't like the idea of using police in this manner. The schools should have the tools to deal with children that are not overly violent. The 6 year old should have been sent to a counselor and perhaps been given in school suspension, the older child a several day suspension. If the behaviors continue expulsion should be an option. I also think that professionals should be called in to check out the children's living environment.

  7. Terri

    Kids these days have no discipilne at home,so they think that they can act any way they want,including in school. I know if I would have done something like this,my parents would have punished me for it.

  8. sheila askins

    I am not sure it would be appropriate to use the police or not. In my opinion these children need counseling and home intervention to find out exactly what the problem is. I do believe however, that we hear so many cases of children acting out or saying what is considered inappropriate things and immediately its call the authorities! call a lawyer! go a talk show and let the world know what your child went through. I think people need to step back and decide what is just children being..well children..and what is a real threat…and in my opinion that line has been very blurred as of late.

  9. Ashley

    I wish I could say that police involvement wasn't necessary, however I work with children and I think it unfortunately is. These children are bigger and stronger in many cases, and people can genuinely be injured by their actions. This is not a band aid though, a collective approach is needed to helps these children, many of whom are dealing with exceedingly difficult situations at home or at school. We can't forget that it is harder to be a kid these days!

  10. Brita

    A 6 year old acting like that? What is going on at home is the biggest question. The kid has had to learn those behaviors from someone. It is just really sad.

    • CelticsDraftee

      What is going on? Indeed. There are apparently some issues at home to be dealt with.

  11. Jennifer

    Obviously something is not right at home and that is where they need to start if there is going to be any help for this child. Counseling sessions need to be ordered for the child and the family to get to the bottom of his anger issues and see where this agression is coming from. There is something in this child's life that has happend or the environment he is in that is causing this.

  12. Devona Fryer

    Wow! I can't believe they arrested him. Back in my day they would have just given him the paddle. The paddle brings about humiliation and the kids feared having to go to the principals office. Nowadays the kids don't have that fear so I believe things are getting a little bit out of control. Look at all the school shootings for example. You just didn't hear about those types of things when they still had the paddle. Just a thought!

  13. Kritin Watson

    Yeah, it is unbelievable incident for making this foolishness. It really needs discipline of the parents but we can’t blame the child, what if his or her attitude is based on their environment. pmp certification san antonio

  14. miriama

    Normally I would say this is extreme punishment but these kids seem like exceptions to the rule. I would suspect that therapy is needed and should be ordered.

  15. carol roberts

    it's a six year old who is threatning his elder's his peer's i would definatly take a look at his parents there is something wrong for somone to say that and not really fully graps that so he needs a good loving ear and a set of disapline so struture can be form praise him he'll make a 360 turn around hes six hes screaming out to be loved

  16. @dailyblessings

    I'm just wondering if the economical pressures of both parents having to work nowadays to survive (and not being there for their kids) is the real problem. I was fortunate enough that I was able to be a stay at home mom in the 70's to raise my children in a respectable manner…they were far from perfect but they would never have thought to behave in this way. It's a very sad situation. I can honestly say that young parents today have it way harder than we did (really) and my thoughts go out to all of you.

  17. Julia Reffner

    It all comes down to what's being done at home. Consequences at home are the best prevention.

  18. Seth

    An arrest isn't the right move here. In my time in school, something like this would result in suspension, or perhaps detention. Arresting is a bit extreme.

  19. Laura K. Lack

    I would state along with others that this is an issue of how kids are raised at home. Are parents paying enough attention and getting involved in the kids lives? As for the second story, I wonder if anyone dug a little deeper to find out the reason of why the child did not want to get on the bus to go home. Was the child being abused at home? I think communication is something that needs to be going on at home and school. I am glad they called the cops because I would hope that it would scare some sense into the child; however it may have done more harm than good. Maybe I watch too much ‘Criminal Minds’.

  20. lisa

    It seems a bit extreme to arrest a six year old. There may be deeper issues going on with the child and the trauma of being arrested may just compound an already bad situation.

  21. Julia

    What really depends is: Are we trying to scare the kid? Enforce adult justice on him or her? What point are we really trying to get across when we arrest a child?
    To me it seems that none of those questions have answers that solve the REAL problem. A child acting out in that manner may be frightened by law enforcement, but esepecially at that age can not fully understand the implications of their actions and therefore isn't really 'punished,' (or at least the way we generally think of punishing), by arrest.
    Clearly this child's issues are deeper in their roots. My approach (were it my child, at the age of six) would be counseling, discussing, and trying to understand the real issue. Sure a child will get mad at things, but most do not act out that extremely to a figure of authority.
    I would guess that that child has more anger at home than he or she knows how to deal with.


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