Does Life360 Drain Phone Battery?

Person holding phone that has dead phone battery plugged into charger

Many people want to use a locator app to stay abreast of family members’ locations to ensure they are safe. One of the best-known and highest-rated of these apps is Life360. However, some worry that location sharing apps will eat up battery power and drain a phone quickly, which is a relevant concern.

This article will examine location tracking apps and whether they drain the battery quickly to make it challenging to stay topped off. Then, we’ll focus on Life360 and what you can expect when downloading it for Android or iOS.

Does GPS Location Sharing Drain Phone Batteries?

What can you expect from GPS phone tracking battery usage? It depends on what app you choose to use. Many locator apps are going to make you zoom through your battery life. This is because they’re constantly doing things in the background, whether you’re actively using the app.

As you might expect, this can cause extreme GPS battery usage. This is why it’s essential to be selective about what sorts of apps you use. Some of them will leave you with a dead battery in a matter of hours (or less in some cases), while others implement features to prevent this frustrating situation.

If you want to use a world-class GPS tracking application that doesn’t eat up your battery life, register for Life360 today. Stay in the know about where your children, spouse, or parents are and whether they are safe.

Life360 and Phone Battery Usage

So, does Life360 drain the battery when it’s in use? The answer is a resounding no compared to many other location apps on the market. The advanced algorithm used by the app decides the correct times to wake the phone and update your location so your GPS is not constantly on and draining power.

For a day, running Life360 might shorten your battery life by about 10%. However, this can vary based on how often you open the app, whether you’re frequently refreshing a member’s location, and how often you are driving.

Why is driving important in this situation? Your phone uses high-precision GPS to track your driving history when you move. This detailed tracking can use up a lot of battery, especially if you drive for long periods.

Otherwise, Life360 uses far less power than many other location apps. Find out more about Life360 and what it offers so you can keep your family members safe. You can even join for free and use many excellent tracking features.

Download Life360 Today and Stop Worrying About Excess Battery Usage

Compared to other locator apps today, Life360 uses far less battery power. Because of that, you can be sure your phone or tablet is ready for action whenever you need it. Plus, you get the benefit of a locator app that will alert you to emergencies with family members when they happen. So get started today by registering online.

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