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Young Kids and the Birthday Party

Is your young child excited to be going to their first birthday party? Or maybe you want to throw the perfect party for your son or daughter but don’t know what kind of games you should buy? Birthday parties are usually jam-packed full of activities to keep the kids busy throughout the day.

Safety First

What kind of things will your kids likely encounter out there in birthday party land? What kind of safety precautions should you be taking? Today we’re going to explore how to make your child’s special day – whether it’s their own birthday or someone else’s – as safe as possible.

The Environment and Types of Games

If your child is invited to a party find out as much information as soon as possible. If the location is a park, find out if the area will be enclosed or what precautions are being made to ensure everyone is always accounted for.

Most locations are suitable for parties and most parents do their due diligence, but you never know when someone decided it was a good idea to have a picnic next to an open 200 ft cliff and it’ll be you and just one other parent in charge of 40 kids… If that’s the case, politely decline and deal with the consequences with your child.

If you are throwing the party it’s important to have a big enough space for the amount of people that are attending. Overcrowding can create a dangerous situation especially in case of an emergency like a fire. People also tend to get cranky when they don’t have enough personal space!

Some types of games are more suitable than others. The days of actual pins used in pin the tail on the donkey and have been replaced by Velcro and sticky, non-toxic substances. A lot of games can contain choking hazards so you need to be careful. Even balloons can become dangerous when deflated so just be vigilant.

Inflatable games and houses are also popular. While these are made to be relatively safe, you have to watch that the children don’t knock themselves out.

Ask you child what kind of games they want at their party, and then do some investigating. With the right amount of research and planning, you can throw a great party, and feel safe in any party situation.

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