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FAQ: Installing and Setting Up Life360

I’m happy to introduce you to Jenn, our Customer Service Manager here at Life360. She’s going to be posting here every couple of weeks, to share some of the questions she hears most often, and how she resolves them, or steps you can take to get things straightened out yourself.

So without further adieu, here’s Jenn:

Hi All you Life360 lovers!

I’ve learned a lot while working at Life360 and from managing our Customer Service department. I want to share some of my knowledge with you every couple of weeks, answering some of your most frequently asked questions and dishing out tips on how to get the most out of our services.

Life360 is all about keeping your family safe and in-sync. So, in order to use the app to its full potential you will need to add family members to your account. The first part is simple- open the Life360 app and click on the “+” sign on the silhouette next to your image at the bottom of the screen. Then, fill in your family member’s information and press send. Very easy. Problems can arise in the next step which is in the hands of your family member. They will need to open the invite email or text you sent and then accept your invitation to join the account. During this process, they will select an email and password to use in order to log into the app. If they have a smartphone, they will then download the Life360 app and log in. Voila!

If your family member uses a non-smartphone, you can try out our On-Demand Location service. The invite is almost exactly the same as the one above to add them to your account. You will add them as a family member, they will accept the invite and create a log in email and password. What is important here is that when asked what kind of phone they have, they choose OTHER PHONE. This will send their phone a text message asking to verify that they want to be located. Once they reply YES, you can update their location at any time. If you like the service, you can purchase it inside the app. The On-Demand Location service is $4.99/month. You will see the option to purchase the next time you update your family member’s location.

For our non-US Life360 lovers, when you add a family member to your account, leave the phone number field blank. The app is currently unable to accept phone numbers from outside of the US. This doesn’t mean you can’t use the app though! We have hundreds of thousands of international users keeping their families safe with the Life360 app.

Tips: To keep your family member’s locations updating correctly, make sure they do not log out of the app. For best location accuracy, I’ve found it best to have my phone’s Wifi and GPS on. We all know GPS can hurt your battery life, so I usually only use it when I need my family members to see a very precise reading of my location, such as when I am on public transportation at night, when I am in an unknown neighborhood, or any time I might feel safer having them know my location within a few feet. When I am at home or work, I only have WiFi on since the app pinpoints my location well there. I encourage you to play around with these settings to see what works best for your accuracy. For any help with the app, send our team an email to

I’d love to hear about how you are using the Life360 app! Feel free to comment below or email any great stories you have about using the Life360 app to keep your family safe and in sync.

  • MLD

    I like the idea of this but your website is extremely frustrating!

    I cannot find the information I want, the site keeps logging me out of my account everytime I go to another page, I cannot sign up my daughter's non-smart phone even though the site says I can.

    Thank you

    • day

      It maybe ur computer.

  • kathy

    this app is really cool, i just would like to know how do you put pictures by your name!

  • John

    this app sounds good but it does not work that easy. have both iphones in front of me and they say i`m not connected. no one to call too get help. very stressful

    • life360lizz

      John, you can email for assistance with getting your account set up.

  • John

    how about simple instructions to set up on phone, not how to use it.

  • Mandy

    Help! I cannot log into my account. I was using the app just fine on my android. I logged out of the app under settings and now I cannot log back in. I keep getting a “enter valid email address” even though it is correct. I can log into the website just fine. I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice. Whats going on?

  • marcine jackson

    My son can’t be located it say he in spot and he be at home he was in the same spot for the last 3 days and his address coming up wrong if he at home and I do a location search on him it say he in the same spot for the last 3 days.please fix it

    • life360lizz

      Hi Marcine!
      It sounds like perhaps the app isn’t running, or location services are not active at this time.

  • Dawn Sine-Arteaga

    Does everyone in family need to have app downloaded in order for it to work? Does it track stolen phones?

    • life360lizz

      Hi Dawn! Yes, everyone needs the app installed and running in order to be located.
      It can also be used to locate stolen/lost phones, depending on the phone being turned on with location services active, and signal quality for accuracy.

  • Anna

    Can I confirm if a member can be loaded on two different phones (same account)? Im trying to confirm if the kids are play a prank.
    Is it possible – I and Teen in 1 account. Teen has loaded life360 on another phone and possibly alternating locations between phones.
    One minute at school, next in the other side of town?

  • Yalitza

    If you sign out of the app can you still be tracked?

    • life360lizz

      No. If you log out of the app, you cannot be located.

  • Fawne

    If I only accepted the invite but did not download the app does this mean they can still track me. I tried to log in with the email I put in my phone but it says it does not exist does this mean it didn’t take I don’t want to be tracked. I was leaving town and this person sent me the text and I just pressed okay but only put in my email then password then the email was sent to start up but have done nothing else. Please I don’t want this and need to make sure I don’t need to do anything else. Thank you

    • life360lizz

      Hi Fawne,
      If you haven’t installed the app, then no, you can’t be located.
      You can email to make sure your email address is completely removed from our database.


    The app seems great but it wont add anybody. It keeps saying I need to invite my family memebers and we do and it wont connect to our phones..very frustrating. Wish there was a tech support line.

    • life360lizz

      Hi there!
      I’m sorry you’re having trouble… please email so they can help you out.

  • jay

    how to uninstall the application from iPhone, the icon is removed but the application is still present. I can not re install..

    • life360lizz

      If the icon is removed, the app should be gone.
      Have you tried uninstalling it via iTunes? This is a phone issue, not related to our app. It should uninstall like anything else when you delete it.
      I think the Genius Bar would be your solution.

  • Terry Fairfield

    I would like to know if the LG Revere 2 will work with this app.

    • life360lizz

      Hi Terry,
      From what I can tell, the Revere 2 is a non-smartphone, so it can’t run the app.
      We can offer a basic location service though, as part of our Premium package.

  • Patrick

    Will this app allowi me to accept people to follow with my other followers seeing them?

    • life360lizz

      Hi Patrick,
      At this time, everyone in your family group will be able to see everyone else.
      We’re working on a new feature, set to release this fall, that will allow you to separate people out so that not everyone sees everyone else.

  • Chris Bennett

    I would like to complement you on your system. It really is very well designed and useful. Do you have any plans to include international numbers in the future? When I go overseas I change the SIM card on my phone.

    • life360lizz

      HI Chris,
      While we do have plans to improve our international coverage, you can still use the app worldwide, just without a phone number; it only uses in-app notifications and email.
      I don’t know off the top of my head exactly how you’d go about setting it up though, but will happily look into it for you, if you like.
      It’s possible it would simply work with the different SIM card in, as long as you have a data connection and are logged in to the app; have you tried it?

  • jon

    I am trying so hard to determine when one appears on the “grid” and when one is not showing. I tried both smartphones without using gps and we couldn’t locate each other, even when one was on and the other was off, the one that had gps disabled could not be found. Is this correct. I’m not sure wifi has anything to do with pinpoint location….at least not from my trials. In other words, when can one be found and when can he/she be “hidden”? Is it all in the gps feature of each smartphone OR must each party CHECK IN to be found? Thank you.

    • life360lizz

      Hi Jon,
      Location services must be active on each device in order to be located, and the phone must be turned on as well.
      In order to not be located, one needs to turn off location services or log out of the app.
      Does that answer your question?

  • Laura

    My family uses Life360 on our iPhones, but is it possible to use on my computer while I’m at work in the office?

    • life360lizz

      Hi Laura!
      You can log in to and view a family map, but you can’t use the computer as a device to be located. Does that make sense?
      And we’re actually releasing a new web interface very soon, something we’re really excited about, so stay tuned!

  • Jamie

    It seems to be working but it never loads an address, it always just says ‘loading address…’ against each person’s location. I have gps and wifi turned on and it doesn’t even give the address of my current location. It even notifies me to say that gps has set my location, but then tells me that I cannot be located when I update my own location. Please help! Using Android version on Samsung galaxy S4 running jelly bean.

  • Chris

    Help! My wife and I signed up and put our kids on our circle, and now we receive every text addressed to them and they receive every text addressed to us. Is there a place in settings we can change this?

    • life360lizz

      Hi Chris,
      Just general text messages or Life360 alerts via text?
      You can turn off text alerts in the Settings > Alerts to stop getting those.

  • Kevin

    Every time I update my profile with a picture it disappears. The profile pics of my family don’t show up either. What am I doing wrong?

    • life360lizz

      Hi Kevin,
      If you’re on Android, we have a known issue with avatars and are working on a fix.

  • Doris

    Hi. If i use the app do the family members get notified that I’ve checked their location?

  • Kiki

    Hi, sence my son changed his iphone to galaxy s4, his phone not showing on my app. I did try uninstall and install again! What else can we do? Thank you, Kristina