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February Recalls –More than Just Children’s Products

The CPSC announced 34 recalls in February as well as one re-announcement of a previously recalled furnace. It was the highest number recalls announced in a single month since March of last year. Interestingly, children’s products only made up 18%, just six of the recalls announced. Historically, children’s products account for just over 40% of all recalls issued by the CPSC, and generally make up at least 30% of the recalls announced in any given month.

Only one of the six recalled children’s products topped 100,000 units, Carter’s bodysuits for infants. The bodysuits, used as pajamas and playwear, were recalled because the snaps can detach, posing a choking hazard to young children. There have been approximately 30 reported incidents of the snaps coming off of the bodysuits.


Another children’s product, Bumbleride strollers, had a relatively high number of reported incidents at the time of recall.  36 people reported that the front wheel axle had cracked, two of which also reported minor injuries.  Owners in the US and Canada should contact Bumbleride for a retrofit kit.

Lastly, although not significant in terms of the number of units recalled, the severity of injuries reported merits mention of the recalled “Slalom Glider” playground slide. At the time of recall, there were 16 reports of severe injuries to children, including 14 fractures to arms and legs, one fractured collarbone and one bruised spleen.  The slides do not have sides on the chute, nor do they have a platform for children to safely transition from ladder to slide.  According to the recall announcement, these slides will be removed from playgrounds. In the meantime, parents should not let children play on these slides.

You can see all the latest children’s product recalls here.

What about all those non-children’s product recalls? It is not uncommon for CPSC initiatives to cause a spike in recalls for a particular product category, occasionally overshadowing children’s product recalls. Examples include window blinds and gel fuel safety initiatives that both resulted in several recalls.  However, the February 2012 recalls do not exhibit a specific pattern, and span nearly every product category, with a variety of Home & Garden productsleading the way at 41% of the recalls announced.

Bosch recalled nearly 2 million of its Tassimo single-cup coffee makers  and nearly 4 million of the plastic T-Disc drink packets used with the machines.  The plastic discs, which hold the coffee or tea, can burst and spray hot liquid and coffee grounds or tea leaves onto consumers. In total, across both recalls, 161 incidents have been reported, including 41 reports of second-degree burns. The company is replacing several types and brands of the coffee and tea discs, as well as the disc-holder inside the machine.

The biggest recall of the month in terms of units was for Propylene gas cylinders.

In fact, with more than 30 million units recalled, it stands as one of the largest recalls ever.  The canisters, which are used to fuel a variety of torches and other equipment, were recalled because they can leak, causing a fire hazard.  Consumers should carefully follow instructions provided in the recall announcement.

Other February recalls included lamps, candle warmers, ottoman-beds, power strips, fax machines, printers, leaf blowers and more.  Be sure to take a moment to review all of the recalled products here at Life360Now!.  In most cases, the remedies are simple, but can prevent a serious injury or death.






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  1. Cindi

    Thank you for this pertinent information on recalls…That is an amazingly high
    amount of items! Cindi

  2. miriama59

    I receive their newsletter. It's informative and I like to keep up with recalls. Being a parent and grandparent I have seen many things that have been purchased by me or my family/friends listed..I share toys on FB in case someone I know might have bought something. Honestly, it's the best newsletter I subscribe to.

    • Jennifer Toney

      Thanks so much for your comment on the WeMakeItSafer Newsletter. So glad you find it useful. You are a shining example of what we hope readers will do – share with friends when you think the recall could be relevant.

      We all hear the word "recall" so often that it's easy to assume we (or our friends) will learn about any important recall, but the sad reality is that 90% of parents don't hear about recalls on things they actually own.

      Thanks, again, for subscribing and for helping to make the world a safer place!

  3. Rejoice Dwight

    Safety and security must always be prioritized and I think what you have here will serve as a guide to parents out there. VZ 58

  4. shirley pebbles

    Wow. Some of these were just common sense. You'd think when looking at it you'd say hey this isn't safe.

  5. julieh

    I can't believe all the recalls. It seems like everything gets recalled nowadays. I think there should be more vigilance in product testing before children's products hit the market.

  6. yesi

    thanks for all this info, it helps a lot because I have children and know it is good to be aware of all, thanks!


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