Field Trips – TO SPACE!

It’s funny, some moms HATE doing the field trip thing at school. Well, I guess I can’t blame them. Riding any distance with a group of kids who are not all your own can be a bit unnerving and slightly stressful. But I still manage to volunteer for each and every one that comes up for both my first and third grader.

One of the reasons I always volunteer to chaperone is because I have worked hard to be able to work from home and do what I do. One of the reasons is so I CAN accompany my kids on those field trips and be a part of that. That’s the whole point of working for peanuts from home, right? So I can be there for the fun stuff. Yes, the fun stuff.

Which brings me to the other reason I’m always the first to chaperone. It’s fun. Reliving the excitement of childhood field trips and learning something new is always a fun way to spend the day. Recently I got to tag along a field trip with my son’s third grade class.

It was to Chabot Space & Science Center in nearby Oakland, CA. Seeing the world of science and space through the eyes of a child is amazing. And in all honesty I was just as enthralled with the gigantic telescopes, the planetarium, the real space suits and stories of the Apollo space missions as the kids were. And as I watched the kids learning about the solar system, their eyes full of wonder, I wondered. How many of these third graders would grow up to be engineers? Rocket Scientists? Astronauts? And of them, how many would attribute that love of space and science to that trip to Chabot?

That trip which I was a small part of. It’s kind of a cool feeling.

But reliving my own childhood and hitchhiking on the daydreams of my kid is not the only fun part of these field trips.

When you have two kids, a work schedule, a home schedule, a sports schedule and all the other things on the calendar, it’s not very often you get to dedicate your time to one of your children alone. And these field trips are my chance to do that. Granted, friends are there and field trips can be pretty busy, but just hanging out with my son (or daughter) and giving them my attention and having my time be focused just on him is good for both of us.

What was the last field trip you were able to go on with YOUR child’s class?