Five Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Costume IdeasYikes, how did Halloween get to be four days away? If you haven’t procured a costume yet, no worries. Life 360 just doesn’t have you covered on the location planning front, we’ve got you covered when it comes to costumes too. These five ideas take no more than a quick trip to your closet or a stop by the store.

1. (Fill in the blank) Fairy : If the Rainbow Magic Fairy series has proved anything, besides the fact that it doesn’t take much to write a successful children’s series, is that a fairy can be any kind of fairy. So grab a pair of wings (if you can’t borrow a set from a kiddo, Dollar Tree has them in every color) and some glitter. Now add your favorite thing: books, musical instrument, bottle of wine. Tada you are their new patron fairy!

2. Dress up like your Favorite Character: How much fun was book day at school? You know when you got to dress up like your favorite character. A couple of years ago my daughter was Pete the Cat: blue eyeliner whiskers, cat ears, and a jacket with paper buttons attached and DONE.

3. Opposites: So many ways to spin this one: one of my favorites, shirt on backwards, sunglasses at night, and shoes on the wrong feet. Hello opposite man! Or do a couple costume and dress like each other.

4. Undercover Superhero: If your kiddo has a superhero shirt, dress them in it, add some pants and a button up shirt. Then unbutton the shirt. Hello secret identity! Bonus points for a cape peeking out of the back of the shirt. Pro tip, any solid colored item can be a cape. Don’t be afraid to try this for yourself. We know you have a Batgirl shirt hiding in your drawer.

5. Starry Night: Black clothes, stars cut our of yellow construction paper, safety pins… tada!!

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