Gingerbread Photo Contest

One of my favorite Christmas traditions to do with my kids every year is to make a Gingerbread house. This tradition is immediately followed by one of my other favorite traditions, eating said Gingerbread House. But I always make sure to get pictures in between.

Truth be told? I’ve never actually attempted to make a Gingerbread House out of scratch. Though this recipe from Simply Recipes comes to me highly recommended.

It’s so hard to find time for fun stuff with the kids during festive season if chaos that making an entire Gingerbread house from scratch feels pretty daunting. I’m sure many of you can relate. So here are a few tips on how to enjoy the holiday tradition of Gingerbread House building, without all the work of actually making the Gingerbread.

  1. Buy a Kit – That’s right, this is how I do it. For just around $10.00 on up you can purchase Gingerbread a house kit. The more you’re willing to spend to the bigger the house you can buy. If you really want something different you can visit a website like this one for some beautiful out of the ordinary Gingerbread Houses your kids will sure to love. A huge plus to buying kits is that you and purchase pre-built houses (another way to save time) or houses that come with pieces that need to be put together. And despite the fact these kits come with candy, remember you can’t have too much so feel free to grab an extra bag or two while shopping…
  2. Sugar Cube House – if you want something a little different you can use sugar cubes instead of gingerbread. The glittery snowy look of the sugar cubes will add a frosty look to your house. Use icing as the mortar for your sugar bricks and decorate with whatever candy you’d like.
  3. Graham Cracker House – This is a pretty popular version used at schools across the nation. Use icing (or even a jar of marshmallow crème) as your glue and decorate with whatever candies you have on hand. This is a great way to make individual houses for everyone in the family and can be made as big or as small as you like.
  4. Log Cabin House – You can take a rustic twist and build a log cabin out of pretzels. Again using marshmallow crème or icing as your glue.

No matter which way you decide to go there are always supplies that are fun to have on hand when building Gingerbread houses out of a kit or from something else.

1. Homemade frosting in white and various colors (store-bought dries too slow)
2. Jellybeans
3. Peppermint, Chocolate or Vanilla Bark Candy
4. Colored sugar (green is good for grass)
5. Sprinkles
6. M&Ms and mini M&Ms
7. Mini candy canes
8. Shredded coconut (for snow)
9. Peppermint Candy
10. Chocolate bars (to break into windows and stepping stones)
11. Gummy candies
12. Gingerbread Men Cookies (homemade or store bought)

Gingerbread House Photo Contest

So, you have everything you need to build your own gingerbread house. Round up the kids, Grandma, and your creative neighbor for some fun frosting covered entertainment. Take photos as you build your creation and send in your favorites for a chance to win a prize! Email your photos to Add us on Facebook and Twitter to hear winner announcements. 

Check out this awesome “how to” video of a geodesic gingerbread house!

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