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Giveaway: Tell Us Your Best Present EVER and win a $250 Amazon gift card! [CLOSED]

The giveaway is now closed. The winner will be announced tomorrow. Thanks for entering!

These are the most enthusiastic kids we’ve seen, but maybe your story is even better. Life360 wants to hear about your Best Present EVER! Share your story in the comments and for a chance to win a $250 Amazon Gift card and a one year premium Life360 membership!

Here are the official details for the contest:


One randomly selected winner will receive both:

  • $250 Amazon Gift Card
  • 12-month Premium Life360 Membership

To Enter

In the comments, tell us a story about the best present EVER that you, your child, or other family member went wild for!

Details are encouraged! Had they been asking for this special gift for weeks in advance or was it a total surprise? What was their reactionβ€”did they give you a hug or start bouncing off the walls? Maybe the present wasn’t a material item or had some sentimental valueβ€”breakfast in bed, perhaps? Have photographs or a video? Feel free to share!


Please include your first name and e-mail address when commenting to be eligible β€” this is how we’ll contact you if you win! Winner will be selected via a random number generator. The winner will be announced on Monday, January 11th at 3:00 PM (PST).

The winner will have one week upon notification that they’ve been selected to respond with their mailing address in order to receive their prize, or else their prize will be forfeited to an alternate winner.

Start: Saturday, December 26th at 8:00 AM (PST) End: Sunday, January 10th at 12:00 PM (PST)

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199 Responses to “Giveaway: Tell Us Your Best Present EVER and win a $250 Amazon gift card! [CLOSED]”

  1. Aaron24

    Nothing tops the Apple IIGS I got — first brush with a real live computer outside of school.

  2. DG

    The best present I ever received – my little sister wrote me a storybook about two sisters who find themselves in a spectacular adventure. and by wrote I mean a lot of mispellings and stick figures wearing tiaras. at the end of the book she taped down 3 dollars, her life’s savings at the time. she was 6! πŸ™‚ not the biggest of gifts but it provided me with a good laugh and I still have it to this day remembering how hard my little sister tried to make Christmas a good one.

    My second favorite gift ever? My ipod two years ago. Didn’t think I was going to get one but my mom saved little by little and got me it! πŸ™‚

  3. Laura H

    My best gift ever was when my husband proposed 3 yrs ago on Christmas eve!
    I love the holidays so he picked the right season. Directly after he sweeped me into a getaway car driven by my cousin to the airport & spent 2 days in niagara falls!

  4. Caitlin

    The best gift I’ve received is a used Subaru from my parents. I knew they wanted to replace my junky clunker, but I didn’t know they would be so sneaky or make such a hip choice. I cried a little when I saw it and then punched my dad in the arm because I was so surprised. He thought that was hilarious, but I don’t recommend punching people who give such awesome gifts.

    I love that car probably more than I should.

  5. colleen t.

    My favorite gift was lottery tickets that my husband put in my stocking. I won $125 between 3 tickets! I was so excited until my car needed repaired 3 days later.

  6. Liam R

    Honestly? The two Portland Trailblazers Tickets that my dad got on craigslist last night. We sat all the way up in the 300 level but were able to steal some better seats down below and watch the Blazers collect their 5th win in 6 nights and completely destroy the Denver Nuggets. and followed on Facebook.

  7. beth

    my best present ever was my growing hair velvet doll when i was 7. she had this great pony tail that came out of her head so you could pull it out and she had long hair and there was a dial on her back so you could roll it back in so she could have shorter hair. it was the coolest doll ever back in the 60′ s

  8. Janet

    The best and most creative gift I ever received was a ring that was designed from a book of the crown jewels. It was a oval sapphire flanked on each side was two heart shaped diamonds. Who would have ever thought I would own a ring fit for a princess??

  9. Char

    The best present ever was the iPod Classic my husband got me for my birthday!! I have had it about four months now and I love it!

  10. Clark

    The best present I ever got was a cowboy hat my wife gave me several years ago.

  11. Clark

    Following you on Twitter, retweeted, and my user name is FrankThePO. Thank you!

  12. sena

    My new iPhone 3GS is by far the best present I’ve ever received! I absolutely love all the things that the iPhone can do!! From snapping pictures, taking videos and being able to email them ASAP is just awesome! I can keep in touch with my friends and family at any time! Thanks so much!

  13. Krysta

    My favorite present ever is a blanket my mother made for me when she was in poor condition in the hospital. We didn’t think she would recover so this blanket means a lot me. Luckily she ended up recovering. I still sleep with it.

  14. Stacey @ Say Something Stacey

    My best gift ever was an Italian charm bracelet my now husband then fiance gave me for my Christmas a few years ago, he’s added to it here and there but he had such perfect charms for me and for us. It was special because I knew he really thought about it and put thought into it. I love those kinds of gifts.

  15. megan w

    My favorite Christmas gift ever was a letter given to me by my grandpa when I was 19. He was at the end stage of liver cancer and wrote me a letter telling me how proud he was of me and loved the person I had become. He passed away about a month after Christmas, and that letter is one of my prized possessions and is worth more than anything money can buy.

  16. pixie13

    The best present I ever received was a teddy bear. She was the one constant thing in my childhood. She went with me to Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, PA, New Jersey & Tennessee. Other things got left behind or thrown out when we moved, but never my bear. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  17. Diana Hill

    After my grandmother died I was given a peice of her stationary and told I could ask for anything I wanted. I didnt fill it out but I kept it.. two years later my sister was in a coma after a massive heart attack. The doctors said to my family to pull the plug. I was the only one dead set against this.. I pulled out my grandmothers stationary and wrote on it.. I want you to save Sandy’s life whatever it takes. My wish was granted. She woke up from her coma in 30 days and I was right by her side when she did.
    Just goes to show you.. dont ever believe what doctors say.. Go with what you believe in your heart!

  18. Renaldo H

    My best gift ever, besides my wife, is my son. He is a gift from God!
    Ron silenttributary(at)yahoo(dot)com

  19. Carlos

    All of my life, for as long as I can remember, I have never received a wrapped gift during Christmas. My parents and godparents are used to giving me cash during the Holidays; they say that they wanted to give me the liberty of choosing my own gifts hence the monetary gift. So I basically have grown up being used to such presents during Christmas.

    Surprise of all surprises, I got my very first wrapped gift package for Christmas this year, when I’m already 25! It came from an aunt who gave me one for the first time this year. And guess what’s inside? Underwear.

    I didn’t really bounced off the walls, but laughed so hard and had too much red on my face you’d think I had a fight with someone while drunk. Well at least, after 25 years, I finally received a wrapped package for Christmas containing something that I can use every day.

  20. Lynn Matthews

    I’m sober now and by far that is the best gift I have ever given my family.

  21. Lubaska

    Best gift for me was a doll named Petra… when i was 7. I dont have her anymore but i still remember her. thanks

  22. Shari

    My best presents ever are my 3 kids; my youngest child was born 17 days before Christmas (Dec. 8) in ’06. The next best present was when my grandpa, who had come to see his newest great-grandchild, told me I had given HIM a present. Dec. 8 was my grandparents wedding anniversary. That was especially sweet because my grandma passed back in ’90.

  23. Susan M

    Best present ever? My husband, for Christmas 2003, wanted to try to start having kids… Well, based on DS arriving 9 months after Christmas Eve, I’d say we got a pretty good Christmas present!

  24. Ashley S

    I had begged my mom for a laptop for a whole year, and because they were so expensive, she had to say no. I tried saving up money, but being 15, my income was next to nothing. I still tried to be really good all year and not ask for anything else, not only because I wanted a laptop, but because I didn’t want my mom to feel bad or pressured to get me one when she couldn’t afford it. The LAST present under the Christmas Tree that year was for me – the laptop. She had made sure to put money aside every week until she was able to get it for me. I have the best Mom in the world. (And I did ALL my homework and projects on that laptop!) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  25. Cassandra

    One of my favorite Christmas presents would have to be a rocking horse I received when I was about 2 or 3. I rode on that rocking horse for hours at a time. I even fell asleep on it! We have it on videotape and every time my family watches the home video, we laugh (and cry) at how much I loved that rocking horse. Such great memories!

    — Cassandra

  26. Sara C

    Breakfast in bed and a cocktail party with all my closest friends, thrown in my honor.

  27. marie

    The best gift ever was this year after going thru a divorce and my children not talkin to me for 8 mos, they all invited me to their house for christmas and cooked a nice meal and we spent the whole day together ( something I didnt think I would get to do). My beautiful grand-daughter was there she is 2 and to get to watch her and her dad when she opened her gifts was priceless then he brought in her first bike and was like daddy i love you. I’m so glad i got to be a part of it, there will never be another christmas that means so much to me like this one did

  28. erica

    the best present I ever got was a chance to see my six year old son open his gifts and intereract with my husband, my 3 month old daughter and myself. It was the best experience. At the tender age of ten days old my son stopped breathing completely and the doctors were not sure if he would make it. He was placed on a breathing machine for 6 months. As of right now hes doing great but is a slow learner. Every year my present is the fact that I see him opening his presents. I dont need any material things to make me happy. Happy Holidays to all.

  29. danny

    10 years ago, right after we had our first child and were very down and out, I heard a knock at the door. I opened the door and saw someone running around the side of my house. I ran out the door to catch that little punk that was prank knockin on my door and tripped over a basket. To this day I dont know who it was. The basket was full of baby diapers, baby food, baby bibs and onesies, and $300 in gold coins with a note that said from the saviors secret servants. This year, having lost my job and being in a similar position only having 3 children now, I opened the mail 2 weeks ago and received an anonymous christmas card, inside the card was a $500 target card. A week after that my aunt and uncle, whom we hadnt talked to in years showed up at our door with a deep freezer and the entire bed of thier truck full of groceries Sorry I had to mention 3 gifts that were given, but they all have had the same impact and all have been etched in my mind. Selfless people who dont want credit and that gave in big ways, to my whole family.

  30. Cheri Striebing

    The best christmas gift that I ever recieved was just the out pouring of love that I recieved from each and every individual that was at our christmas party. There is no better christmas present to me than spending time with loved ones on the holidays!

  31. Cynthia McGinnis

    My best present ever was a pink suitcase type record player. Does anyone remember those? I listened to records over & over on that thing! Loved it!!! Retweeted on Twitter & became a fan on Facebook. Thanks for the chances!!

  32. Kathryn

    The video is so cute!

    This may seem weird, but my best present was getting prescription contact lenses. Money is tight, so I’ve been getting by with grocery store reading glasses, which are a pain. I am thrilled to be able to pick up a newspaper and read it without frantically searching for any one of the six pairs of glasses I was always losing. Freedom!!!!

  33. Carmen

    The best present I’ve received was when my husband and I were dating. He didn’t have very much money (still in school and working as a musician), so I wasn’t really expecting much. Then he showed up at my house and opened up his laptop, where he played me a song he’d written and recorded for me. It had taken him about a month, coordinating musicians, recording, mixing, etc. and I had no idea! I was so impressed, and we were married less than a year later!

  34. Patrina Perry

    The best Christmas gift ever had to be when I got my boyfriend a 49ers jacket.
    I waited for the kids to finish opening up their gifts before I gave it to him. When he opened the box he took the jacket out and started running around the house putting it in everyone’s face and all he kept saying was look at that. He would not even let anyone touch it. He is a die hard 49ers fan and it was so funny to see him running around like a little kid.
    He walked around the house in it all Christmas day but he would not wear it outside because he said that he didn’t want to get it wet.
    That would have to be the best gift that I ever seen given just because of his reaction and what made it so bad is that he didn’t even know that I had gotten him anything.


    According to my perception, a gift is more worthier if got when its needed indeed.
    when i was in high school, our new house was built, we were preparing for the inaugral party,and for the first time i was going to be exposed to guys and gals as a teen.
    my parents got a dress pair for me but it seemed me a bit traditional, so for few days before i was not really,but, almost nerveous as how to present myself before others with the dress that my maa(mother) has already got for me.
    AS usual i discussed it with my younger brother and told him that nor i was comfotable with the new dress neither i can’t put on anything from my wardrobe.(this was the real problem or my so called NEED).
    in the meantime of a day, my younger brother discussed(DISCLOSED) this with my grandmother,and she simply called my parents, gifted them shagun(gift money-a tradition) for my b’day, just a day before our inaugral party.
    and told them to get me the dress what i want and convinced them to let me celebrate as i planned.
    that was the first time i bought a new six pocket cargo jeans(newport) , a white t-shirt and shoes and almost all my innerwears also with my deo,mobile accesories and almost everything that i wanted at that time. iwas just13 yrs and in 7th standard.
    i was not only gifted but blessed also.
    i simply went crazy by taking my mother and kept buying(INTENTIONALLY SPENDING THE SHAGUN MONEY FOR MYSELF ONLY).
    AND EVEN, i did most of the ceremonial preprations and arrangements myself(MATURELY).

  36. Denaia Klein

    The best present i ever recieved on Christmas day was having the chance to get my children back after losing them to very bad decisions in my life. I went to a treatment center to try and help myself with the evils in my life and was separated from my three kids who were seperated from eachother as well. After just four months of doing exceptionally well in the program, it was told to me that i would be able to have one child at a time back in my care, in treatment. On Christmas day of 2002, my first born, Samantha, came to be with me and do our treatment together. The other two followed shortly after and all have been with me ever since and all is well.

  37. nathan c

    The best gift ever is having my dad with us for Christmas after surviving cancer surgery! I can have all the money in the world, but having my parents together for the holidays is priceless!

  38. kunal

    the best gift for kids z toys or playstation,
    for teenagers z clothes
    for adults a cell phone or new bike or car
    for parents a best gift z a kiss on their forehead or any warm clothes according to me.

  39. Lucille Goodrich


  40. Carmen King

    My best gift ever was receiving the book “Learn the Bible in 24 hours” by Chuck Missler. I had had many disappointments most of my life and found very little joy in life until I read this book especially the first chapter and now I see that there is life behind the curtain so to speak and that all our disappointments are nothing compared to the joy that awaits us. This book shows how even the translation of the names of the first guys in the Bible declares (when put together like words in a sentence) the gospel message. Thats right even in the first few chapters of Genesis God is communicating to us not only in literal fashion but also in code. I can take all of life’s disappointments now knowing that He cares enough to send us special messages and that, outweighs all the bad stuff that happens to us. Furthermore I love the image that Chuck Missler has drawn of the encampment of the Israelites around the tabernacle while they traveled to the Promised Land. God had them encamp in such a form so that they resembled a gigantic cross which whenever He was ready to do away with them because of their rebellion all He had to do was look down and remember that one day His son would give His life on the cross for the payment of our rebellion, and His wrath and divine judgement would be satisfied. What a great gift. And what a great visual reminder God hd for Himself! Thanks to his seervant Chuck Missler for pointing it out in his book. God Bless, and have a happy New Year! πŸ™‚ Carmen King

  41. Melinda

    I got an amazing wedding gift….my husband and I remained pure until our wedding night, and that is the best gift I could have ever received!

  42. Sara Broers

    My Grandmother’s wedding ring was teh best present I ever received! I was very suprprised and thankful! I wear it every day. The small, meaningful things mean the most, not the most expensive!


  43. April Mallory

    My best gift ever was my engagement ring on my birthday. It wasnt magical but it was fun shopping for my ring. Going to store to store wondering if they would have ‘my ring’. Until finally coming across the store that had the ring that I couldn’t live without.

  44. Robbin

    My husband made a wooden heart for my daughter and each of our dogs to put their hand print/paw print on and then made a hole in each and tied them together with a ribbon. It was a personalized gift from all my babies!

  45. Marie

    The best Christmas gift was the year I finally got Man O’War. I collected model horses as a kid and I always wanted a Breyer to add to my collection. But Breyers were expensive and my grandparents (who raised me) did not spend money on what they thought were frivolous and unnecessary things like expensive model horses! I had asked for the Breyer Man O’War every year for the last several years but it never arrived. Despite this I still asked for it in the hopes that this would be the year! And finally the year I was 10 I found a Man O’ War under the tree — I was so thrilled — all those years of waiting and hoping and I finally had him! I still have him to this day actually, even though my daughter broke one of his legs (by accident) so he’s now a bit maimed — but still much loved!

  46. Don Brake

    When I was 9 yrs. old I believe, my parents had gotten me a bicycle, but I saw it in the garage and kind of ruined the surprise. Oh well, it was still a very nice present to get!

  47. Diane

    The best present I ever got had to have been my easel. I enjoy artwork, and struggling without an easel nearby was a pain. It allowed me to paint easier and quicker, without too much worry of anything leaking onto the carpet. It’s very much covered in paint now, but, it still inspires much of my artwork today!

  48. Bonnie

    The best present I ever got was a ticket to Chers Farewell Tour. I have always loved Cher. I wanted to go to the concert but didnt have the money. I mentioned it to my. Mother. My Mother ended up getting in touch with my sister-in-law and my sister-in-law surprised me with the ticket. I have never been more surprised or happy with a gift, EVER.
    I screamed, I cried, I jumped up and down. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. When I went to the concert it was a dream come true. I couldn’t believe I was actually seeing Cher. I’ll never forget it and my sister-in-law and I still talk about it!!!

  49. Joseph

    My best gift was when I got my computer It was not any kind of surprise though but couldn’t control my self a bit

  50. Chuck

    Best present ever was a ball python we got our 9 year old daughter. She wants to be a herpetologist and this gives her close experience with snakes. She wakes up every morning and takes care of “Moo” and even feeds him the frozen mice once a week.

  51. Sharon

    My best present ever was a pair of white “go-go” boots I got way back in the 70s when they were all the rage. I wanted them so bad and was thrilled to open the package that contained them. I thought I was the new Nancy Sinatra!! Thanks for the chance!

  52. Tasha Napier

    The best present I ever got was this years Christmas! Im 22 years old and was going around telling my family members that I wanted a wet n straight hair straightner so my older sister who does my grandmas shopping for her went out and bought it for her and she got that for me and it was a purple digital straightner and purple is my favorite color and my birhstone color…It ment so much to me getting it that i almost cried,i felt like i was a little kid again getting a Nintindo when they first came out..It was my best gift ever!

  53. Lisa Ward

    The best Christmas gift I ever got was from my husband a couple of years ago. It was a $200 gift certificate to Dillards Salon and Spa. I had just lost 50lbs and was able to use that certificate for a complete hair makeover. It felt great, I have never felt so pretty in my life.

  54. Paulette Jones

    I have been teaching at the same high school for twenty-five years. As an African American native of Washington, DC, I had qualms about teaching t an
    affluent, predominantly white surburban school in Woodbridge, Virginia, Marriage forced me to leave the security of my familiar surroundings, and move to place that had only two taxi-cabs-and no public transportation.
    Perhaps the best Christmas ever was twenty-four years ago when one of my students, a boy who did not seem to fit in with the well-to-do peers in his class, waited after class one afternoon because he had something that he wanted to ask me.
    He told me that his parents had sent him to live in the community because they wanted to get him away from the “dangerous” streets of the increasingly diverse neighborhood where they lived. While both of his parents had all of the material treasures that great jobs and higher level education can bring, there was no true happiness in the home. He had never experienced being taught by a “black” teacher before, and frankly was concerned that his father would take him from our class if he found out that Mrs Jones is black.
    He wanted me to know that he loved our class and that he had a special present for me.
    He unjzipped his backpack, and handed me a small card. He instructed me to open it on Christmas Day and not before. As he exited the room, I gave him my word that I would not open the card.
    On Christmas day, my husband and I were totally consumed with the turmoil of a two year old opening his presents and climbing into boxes. I had totaly forgotten the card until later that evening when I was going through clutter to find a co-worker’s address. I opened Jonathan’s card and found a photograph of him and his large,rather unattractive dog.
    Attached to the card was a note that read,” Mrs. Jones. thank you for making me and all of your students feel special. Your funny stories and your way of praising each student let me know that the things my father taught me about black people are not true. I want you to keep my picture because one day, I am going to become someone who will make you proud!”

    Years later, my entire family and I wnet to Jonathan’s graduation from college. We also attended his wedding, and were a part of the celebration of the birth of his first daughter.

    Jonathan is now very involved in the criminal justice system and is an advocate for troubled. “at-risk” students who have fallen through the cracks in the public school system.

    I still have his card.

  55. Muhammad Faizal A

    BEST Present Ever was a ring from my Boyfriends.. it’s amazing suprisingly for me.. coz i’m a man who in love with a man πŸ™‚ no word He just Grab my hand put it on my finger and kiss on it.. priceless..

  56. Jennie

    The best gift i ever received was seeing my kids face light up when the were able to talk to their father in Iraq via skype on Christmas morning!!

    Tweeted you:
    I entered the Best Present EVER Contest for a chance to win a $250 Amazon gift card from @Life360”

    Fan face booked you Jennifer Boehm McEver

  57. Crystal Hamilton

    The best present ever was an early Christmas present that I received. My boyfriend (now husband) turned the wrong way on our way home and lead me into a nearby park. He had me sit down on a park bench & he proposed! I sort of knew what was happening, but it was the best gift ever! : )

  58. Anna

    Best Christmas Present ever would have to be my daughters Dress-Up Princess kit. She immediately ditched the handmade Christmas Dress and the rest of the present opening was done in a hot pink tutu, with clip-on earings, and high heels. <3


  59. Aimee W.

    I will never, ever forget Christmas morning when I was 7 years old…
    I had wanted a Barbie Dream House since the previous Christmas. When I didn’t receive it for either that Christmas or my 7th birthday in February, I had pretty much given up hope. Although I continued to mention the Dream House in passing conversations throughout the year, I don’t think I even bothered to put it onto my Christmas that year. So imagine my surprise and delight when I woke up on Christmas morning to find the one and only Barbie Dream House underneath the tree!! Thanks so much for offering this generous giveaway!

  60. Doreen

    A friend had bought me a Vera Bradley Tote bag and I never owned any VB goodies before. She knew what pattern I liked and bought me a Tote bag in that pattern for Christmas!! Two years later, I’m still using it!!!! I love it. πŸ™‚ Love Amazon, hope to win!!

  61. Tina B.

    I would have to say that my best gift ever is the computer I am using right now!
    Being a struggling divorcee, I knew that I could never afford a computer so my
    thoughtful brother bought me one for Christmas! At last, I am up to date with the rest of the world!! I’m very appreciative and thrilled with this wonderful gift!!

  62. Aleksandra N

    A few years ago when my husband and I were still relatively “poor” we decided not to swap Christmas presents. We put up a tree and had some small gifts for each other but nothing major. A few days after Christmas my husband kept telling to me see how cute the cat was sitting under the tree. I was almost annoyed, since I had seen the cat under there countless times and didn’t want to get up to come over to look again. When I finally did, I discovered a neatly wrapped little box underneath that contained a beautiful diamond bracelet. I wear that bracelet every day to this day and it reminds me of his sweet surprise.

  63. Snarky A

    This Christmas I gave my husband a remote controlled toy helicopter – something that I knew he had wanted when he was a child but his parents never allowed him to get. The look on his face was absolutely priceless, as was the back flip he did after he opened the present. He has been playing with it non stop ever since Christmas morning.

  64. Kalynda

    The best present I ever received was a pandora bracelet for my birthday. It was given to me by my partner and I love that is something that can be constantly added to. Each charm has a special meaning to me =)

  65. Steve

    My best present ever was my girlfriend coming all the way across from one side of the country to other, to spend the time with me. We baked an awesome cake together ( a sea disaster cake with sinking ship, man eating octopus) and had a fantastic time πŸ™‚

    She is visiting me again this time and i’d use the gift card to buy a few things for my motorbike so we can go for a ride along the coast together !

  66. Stephanie

    My best present EVER was when my roommate from Japan found a PS game that I really liked and had played 10 years ago as kid based on the physical description of the game and characters (the game was my cousin’s and all in Japanese) and bought it for me!!!!

  67. Aik

    The best present I’ve ever received is a ring which is passed down to me by my grandmother.

  68. Desiree

    Three years ago when my son came home from college for Christmas I had a long list of home repairs I needed help with; nothing big, but things I was afraid to tackle on my own since he’d gone away. He brought a gift for me – wrapped in what I could only guess was leftover birthday wrapping paper. The fact that he brought a gift at all with what it was costing to go to college was great in itself. He patiently went around the house doing my chores and humming Christmas carols. On Christmas morning he gave me my gift first and told me to open it. It was a set of tools – in pink! He told me to use the speaker on my cell phone and call him anytime I had a repair to do and he would do it with me over the phone. Since then not only have I built up my confidence to tackle household repairs, but I’ve talked to my son more than I would have otherwise. While he’s too busy just chat sometimes he’s never too busy to help me out with a repair. Those tools have turned out to be the best gift I’ve ever received.

  69. Charity Lyman

    My favorite present ever was the year I got a nice keyboard!! It was great:) Please enter me in your giveaway. Thanks so much!!

  70. Gloria

    This year my nephew really liked the official “Kobe Bryant” jersey. I asked me for it some time ago and I told him that it was too expensive, with the idea to give it to him on Christmas. It was very difficult to find it in the right size, but I made it!!

  71. FOKXXY

    When I was a little girl, Cabbage Patch kids were all the rage and I wanted one badly. My parents managed to get me a fake one that I loved dearly and truthfully I never knew the difference between a real and fake one. Santa brought me a knew one a year later and I took those dolls everywhere. I changed their clothes repeatedly, they slept with me, ate with me and (considering the wear and tear on them ) I think at least one bathed with me πŸ™‚ Over the years through moves and life changes I lost one of the dolls. She had golden knit hair , an orange jacket and smelled like baby powder . I told the story of the dolls to my boyfriend and one christmas opened a Cabbage Patch doll from him. He had searched high and low for the exact one that went missing and found her! He had to order her in from a lady that was selling her collection. It was my best gift ever !

  72. FOKXXY

    I forgot to give you my first name above – It is Summer .

    I became a fan on facebook. (Summer P.)

  73. Ronit

    The best gift I ever got was when I was 15. All my family put their money together and bought me a computer. πŸ™‚ This was as at a time when computers were very expensive and it wasn’t common to have one at home.. They made it worth five birthday gifts and five Christmas gifts but it still rocked my world.

  74. Susan

    The best gift that I ever received was a jewellery set (necklace, bracelet and earrings). My boyfriend had travelled from overseas to see me and he gave me this present when we were at a rest stop. I opened up the box and burst into tears because I could not believe how sweet and considerate it was. He thought I didn’t like the gift and began apologizing and offering to take it back! I then began laughing (while still crying) and explained how much it meant to me! My boyfriend is now my husband and, all these years later, I still wear this set and smile whenever I think about the day he gave it to me!

    charmtime at gmail dot com

  75. Kelly PC

    One winter when I was little my dad came home but didn’t come in. Instaed he called my mom & I to the door. He pointed to his truck parked out front. He had a trailer with two ski-doos on the back! We went up to the cottage that weekend & had a blast! It was the best present ever!

  76. Alana Starkie

    My favorite present of all time was when my hubby gave me a kitchenaid stand mixer after wanting one for a long long time, since i was a teenager.

  77. Heather

    My daughter received a reborn doll this year from a close friend of mine. My daughter has wanted one since she was probably six years old. It was a very kind and generous gift and it warmed my heart to watch my child open it with such excitement and joy.


  78. Kym

    The best ever gift I received was when I was 5! Hard to believe nothing has topped that Christmas present yet! Well some have come close but the amazing feeling of excitement, joy and hours of play and love from a simple Cabbage Patch Doll is hard to match! I thought I was the luckiest girl in the world, I still have the doll and I plan to give it to my daughter when she gets older. Santa rocks!

  79. Cheryl W

    My best present ever story is from my 13th birthday. We moved from California to Oklahoma and as you know, the cultures are totally different. I quickly found out what country kids loved to do and that was riding 4 wheelers. Knowing I had a birthday coming soon, I asked my grandparents for one. I told them I would work hard out in the hay fields, help milk the cow and keep up with all my farm chores if they would consider my proposal. They said they would consider it and I held up to my end of the bargain and worked my tail off. About 2 months before my birthday, my grandpa told me that had talked about it and they just didn’t it was safe for me to get 4 wheeler for my birthday. They said they would reconsider it when I was 15, but certainly not at 13. I made my case that even 8 yr olds I knew had their own 4 wheelers and they are still alive. But no matter how much I begged they told me to pick something else I would like to have. I reluctantly told them I would settle for a Cd player for my room. When my birthday came, my grandparents had a nice cake made and my present wrapped on the table. I opened a brand new cd player. When my older sister arrived she brought in some wrapped new music cds. Then she told me she forgot her purse in the car and asked if I would go out and get it for her. I stepped out the back porch and headed to the car. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the 4 wheeler with a big bow and Happy Birthday CHERYL on the sign. First I screamed YOU LIED, grandpa, then I started bawling. I have no clue why. I guess I was just so disappointed that I didn’t get one and then when I did get one, my emotions overcame me. Finally when grandpa cranked it up I was a laughing lunatic and away I went. I can tell you I nearly run that thing into the ground riding it around on our place (we had 60 acres) and I will never forget that gift!

  80. Heather Garland

    The BEST present I ever received is one that I will never forget. I was 4 or 5 and I still remember coming down the stairs to see the shiniest new red bike with training wheels by the Christmas tree! I can still see it in my mind. Of course my parents have it on video of me screaming and yelling “thank you Santa!” and running around the room, hopping on the bike, and ringing the bell wildly. I hadn’t asked for a bike, but I guess ‘Santa’ realized I was growing out of my trike. Apparently I thought I was the coolest kid on the block after that, ringing my bell at the neighbouring kids and saying “my bike’s better than your bike!” Yep, still the best gift ever πŸ™‚

  81. Heather Garland

    I also fan you on facebook!

    My facebook name is: Heather Robertson Garland

  82. Patti

    The year my mother was diagnosed with cancer we were devastated. On Christmas eve we found out she had gone into remission, we didnt even need to open presents that year!

  83. john major

    My best present ever was my sons 1st christmas just seeing the glow in his eyes was enough to make me smile ear to ear..

  84. Heather!

    My hubby knows that a secret passion of mine has always been photography, but I’ve never had an SLR camera. I would never ask for one, as they’re just too expensive, and I have a few perfectly good point and shoot digital cameras. This year he surprised me with an amazing Canon DSLR, complete with four lenses and other accessories! He is totally encouraging me to pursue what I regard as a hobby…something I play with for ‘me time’! It’s just another reason I love him. <3

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  85. Dovile

    The best gift ever was two Barbie dolls for me and my sister that we received from our parents for Christmas a long time ago. We were quite poor then, so our parents couldn’t afford buying expensive presents, and we usually received simple and practical gifts (not really something any child wishes for), so me and my sister were extremely happy and played with them for weeks after. Ah, happy childhood days..:)

    spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

  86. Tish

    Believe it or not this last Christmas was my godson’s most favorite to date. He’s only three and at an age where he can sorta elaborate on the things he wants for “his room” as he says. This year his parents got him a Toy Story table and chair set. Yes, simply a table and chair set where he can use markers on the top as a dry erase, as well as sit down and do whatever else he can imagine. This he begged for when he saw it in the store. He’d been asking for it sense….June of 2009. The delight in his eyes on the 25th was adorable. He falls asleep at that little table and I know if he could get it into bed with him…he would.

  87. SH

    The best present I have ever received are my cats. They trump any material thing I could possibly get. When I found out I could get a cat (my father is not an animal person and for him to allow one pet was amazing), I definitely was bouncing off the walls for joy.
    I got them for my 11th birthday from the ASPCA. I didn’t know what to look for in a cat, and my mother (who definitely is an animal person) was visiting my grandparents at their nursing home. My father, with absolutely no experience in this area, told me I wasn’t coming back again, so I’d have to choose one that day (even though there weren’t a whole lot that day, and just one kitten). Not knowing what to look for in a cat, I went around all the cages trying to pet them and judged them by whether they were interested or not. Sure enough, I got the kitty that immediately started purring and rubbing the bars to get at my hand. We had to split up him and his sister because my father allowed only one. But less than a week later my father relented and we got the other cat, because it was obvious they couldn’t be split. I love them both equally and can’t believe how much personality can fit into such little bodies (although they are quite big for cats, like medium-dog size). The boy is always up for any form of love and affection from anybody and the girl is my constant companion and follows me everywhere.

  88. sara mather

    The best gift ever would be this christmas and a tv that my stepson got we were having trouble financially and so we didnt think we would be able to do christmas but we figured out how and he has needed a tv for when he leaves for college so we got him a flat screen he opened some shirts and then we said wait i think we forgot one and we dragged it over to him he opened half of it and seen what it was he stood there staring at it jaw dropped and wouldnt speak we kept saying his name and nothing finally a min or so goes by and he starts going omg omg omg over and over he was so surprised and happy it was nothing but omg thank you over and over for the rest of the night it was the best feeling in the world.

  89. Ali

    Best present was a fossil watch that I had wanted for a long time.

  90. Kitty

    I can;t remember exactly what gifts I recd, but the very best present ever was from my husband. Christmas 1992 I came home from Japan on leave. My husband arranged for my parents to surprise me when he brought me back to the house. In addition he had Christmas candles in every window. (He never, never decorates.) I was so shocked he did this for me. I will always treasure that Christmas season and I can remember everything so clearly-the lights, the time of day, the weather. It was truly a special moment.

  91. Mary

    My 17 year old daughter told me that this Christmas was the best one she ever had. She said her best present ever was the iPod with a pink hard case. My best present is that she is a happy & healthy kid!

  92. Kirsi

    My sister, this year, gave me a box full of Alice in Wonderland themed gifts. I had mentioned once that Lewis Carol was one of my favorite authors, and she went everywhere to get me a leather-bound copy of all his work, Alice themed jewelry and matching shirts. It was a complete surprise!

  93. barifromsd

    Tweeted πŸ™‚

    Best Present EVER for me is the very First Card that my daughter made when she was 4 last year on my birthday . I cannot forget it. It was so thoughtful and affectionate.
    “It says I am the best mom in whole wide world” – I don’t think any other gift will ever be as good as this for me πŸ™‚

  94. victoria lester

    – I’m following you on twitter. My name is victoria99999 on twitter. I left a comment there.
    – I’m a fan on Facebook. My name is victoria lester. I left a comment there.
    – My email is flophasit(at)yahoo(dot)com
    – I tweeted the following: I entered the Best Present EVER Contest for a chance to win a $250 Amazon gift card from @Life360

    – My entry: The best present EVER that my daughter went wild over was when we got her a puppy for Christmas!

  95. Janet

    The best present ever that my dad went wild over was a laptop that I gave him. He went wild because he had a bear of a time getting it to work. The laptop was fine, but my dad is in his 70’s and simply wasn’t used to the newer technology. It was a fun couple of weeks getting things straightened out, but now my dad loves his laptop & corresponds with me regularly with it via e-mail.

  96. Bonnie

    My first grand daughter was supposed to be my best Christmas gift, but she decided to come three months early, she weighed 3lbs and spent months in the hospital really touch and go time. She came home that December she was after all my best gift ever.

  97. Maz

    I’d say the best present I ever received was from my ex boyfriend… I was about to drive up north to my family for a few days, and he told me he wanted me to follow him to pick up my gift before i left…. as we drove, I kept wondering what on earth he was doing. We drove up to where the Borders was – I’m a rabid reader, and I thought maybe we were getting some of the books I wanted. We got out, and walked past the bookstore, into the Robbin’s Diamonds, with my mouth dropping, and picked out a lovely set of diamond drop earrings, and one of the journey rings (set like the pendant, only on a ring). My heart was all aflutter!

  98. Maz

    in case I need it not just in the signup – rmaslow a@t yahoo d.ot com

  99. Emily N.

    I received a 10 inch TV from my grandparents when I was 10 or 11. It was their old TV, but I thought it was so cool. I was the oldest amongst my cousins and they all were there to see me open it and were a little jealous. And I became one of the first kids I knew to get a TV for my bedroom.

  100. Wehaf

    I am not sure this counts, but when I had a summer internship far away from home, my boyfriend packed up my favorite blanket and sent it to me – I was so touched, and I knew then that he was the one. It’s been five more years and we are still going strong!

  101. Dennis

    When I was 5 years old, my parents bought me a nintendo for christmas and hid it. Only thing was, I was a very sneaky 5 year old and was always into everything. I found the nintendo before they could wrap it, and asked them if the nintendo was for me… I ended up with a nintendo before christmas! Alll-right!

  102. Andrea

    My best present I ever received was finding out I was going to be an aunt! My sister and Brother-in-law had been trying to conceive for over a year and on Christmas, my sister wore a t-shirt that said, “Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Baby’s on the Way!” Our whole family went WILD!!!!! Finally, two VERY deserving people get a baby and I of course get to become an aunt. I’m so excited!

  103. PFC David A.

    I received the best present on Christmas eve of 2007. It was a phone call from my biological mother, two sisters, and a brother. I was the age of 21 and it was the first time I ever spoke to any of them. I was put up for adoption as a child and never had contact with anyone from my real family. Now the person who adopted me is wonderful, and I am grateful and proud to call her mom. Till that point though I still felt a bit alone. A feeling of something missing inside of me that I could not get rid of. At some point in everyone’s life we feel like we don’t know ourselves. I truly did not know myself. I looked in the mirror and wondered who am I? How did I get here? What makes me unique and special? Well that christmas eve around 5:00 pm my mother called me into the living room and said that there was someone on the phone for me. I picked it up thinking it was only a friend then a voice said “hello David, I am your mother.” You believed I would be excited, overjoyed, filled with emotion. The truth was, I was numb. It felt like an ex gf from 10 years ago who decided to call you out of the blue one day. I did not have many feelings even though I wanted too. We spoke for a bit and she put me on with my sisters. We had conversations about our lives. The topics were nothing to deep just casual chatting. At the end of it I still felt the same. I came to a realization that I made myself what I wanted to be. It sounds cliche but the past does not dictate who I, was only I could. Since that time I have changed my life dramatically. Now I serve in the US military, currently in school and I know who I am. Thats why that one little phone call is the best present that I ever received.

  104. Nathan

    The best present I ever received was a trip home to see my family. Nothing better than being with family for the holidays

  105. Katy

    Kind of a present. I won a giant stuffed animal rabbit from our grocery store when I was 8, but my parents gave it to me as a gift. Man I loved that thing. Used it as a recliner. Told you it was GIANT.

  106. Candy

    My grandfather was brought to tears when I presented him with a 25 cent plastic coffee mug I bought at a liquidator store with “I love Grandpa” printed on it. At the time I was only 7 years old and thought he was crying because the gift was cheap and he was disappointed. It wasn’t until I became an adult, that I realized his tears meant he loved the gift. I do miss him.

  107. Kristin Skaggs

    My grandmother (mom’s mom) died in 2006 suddenly of a heart attack. My whole entire family (mom, dad, three siblings and myself) were extremely close to her! After she passed away, I started collecting momentos, pictures, etc of my Nanny. For Christmas 2008, I put together a scrapbook going through the life of Nanny and presented it to my mom. She was shocked and had NO idea that it was coming…she immediately started crying. I had a 4 month old at the time and she never dreamed I would have been working on something that required that much detail and time. It was awesome and something I’ll never forget.

  108. Tiffani

    The best present that I ever received was a pair of scissors (like these: It was a long road to my RA (rheumatoid arthritis) diagnosis and my family could only watch as I struggled with overwhelming pain and fatigue for over a year. But, after my diagnosis and starting meds, I started to slowly feel better and, since I had to leave my job due to illness, I needed a hobby. I have always been crafty and was naturally drawn to scrapbooking and paper crafts. I really love paper… you can do so much with a sheet of paper. But there is a lot of cutting involved in “creating.” And before too long, the scissors were just too hard for me to use and I slowly started procrastinating and putting off projects because I couldn’t cut it. (pun intended) Then, for my birthday, my husband, who usually needs a specific/itemized list of what to get me for my birthday/Christmas/mother’s day,etc handed me the small package. As I opened it, tears started falling. I couldn’t believe that he had gone searching for something so personalized and unprovoked. I hadn’t even thought about looking for different scissors! He was hoping that I would like them, but couldn’t have anticipated my reaction– which even brought him to tears.They are not the most expensive gift that I have ever gotten, but definitely more special to me than most things that I have received from him…. it has been a 6 years and the scissors are falling apart and have been modified to better suit my needs– AND we may have had to super glue a piece or two back on now and then, but they still work and, even when they don’t work anymore, I will probably still keep them.

  109. Molomatic

    My best present EVER story is from this Christmas! My four year old had been working ever angle she could to let Santa know that she’d like a toy horse for Christmas. She dictated letter, went to see him at the mall and talked about it out loud in case he was listening. Well, “Santa” ended up getting her not one but two horses (to make sharing easier during play dates!). My little gal went nuts! She was so very excited that Santa was “really listening” and he knew that that she really wanted two. It was a very magical moment on Christmas morning. She’s still talking about it weeks later!

  110. ams

    When I was 14 my parents got me an old-fashioned 35 mm camera. I know they saved up and couldn’t buy it new– they must have gotten it from an old friend or a pawn shop– but it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. It had so many buttons and things to learn, I was overwhelmed at first, but my dad said that my grandfather would teach me. And that Christmas my grandfather, who was already in his 80s, visited and taught me everything I needed to know, about aperture and exposure and everything. It was one of the most intimate times I ever spent with my grandfatther, who passed away later in my teens. But I was also aware at that moment that my parents believed in me– they knew I was capable and creative, smart enough to figure out the camera, and worth investing money in when we didn’t have a lot to go around.

  111. Rondah

    My best Christmas present was 27 years ago. After years of trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant, I found out a few days before Christmas that I was expecting. It was the best Christmas ever knowing that the next year I would be celebrating with my new baby!!
    zachsgran1 at yahoo dot com

  112. Deane Williams

    My best Christmas present ever wasn’t really a physical present. I’ve been trying to teach my children the gift of giving for several years. My girls are 9 and 6 and can’t pass a Red Bucket without giving a dollor or two, and if they see a toy drive the insist we participate. Between Santa and mom and dad, my girls got everything on their christmas list this year, but the best present a mom could ever ask for was the gratitude they showed for all of their gifts. About an hour after we finished opening gifts, my 6 yr old looked up and asked me if Santa visited the children that didn’t have homes, and when I explained that sometimes he didn’t she offered to give her presents away. It was priceless and a Christmas present I will never forget.

  113. Laura

    The best present in our family was the first Christmas I spent with my husband (at that time my fiance). I gave him season tickets to the KC Royals baseball games. It was a lot more than I was really able to afford but his reaction was worth it. He knew that he had made the right decision in asking me to marry him since this was something he always wanted! Unfortunately I didn’t realize at the time that it would be the gift that kept on giving – he keeps renewing them every year even though the team never wins!

  114. Allison

    We gave our daughter a cell phone this year for Christmas. She really did not think that she was going to get one, she was completely speechless when she opened it! (Very strange for her to be speechless!) The suprise was what made it so fun, also seeing the smile on her face.

  115. Jolynn Rood

    My 10 speed bike I got on Christmas, when I was in the 6th grade. This is the one and only bike that new, of my own when I was growing up. I had alot of fun with it.

  116. Chelsea S.

    The best present I have ever received was a kareoke machine and I went crazy for it. I immediatly began giving personal concerts for my mother. This was especially funny because I was still getting over a cold so I had barely any voice. My singing must have been horrible on the ears, but I had a blast.

  117. Chelsea S.

    I am a facebook fan. (Chelsea Saulpaugh, saulpaugh.chelsea)

  118. ShootingStarsMag

    My sister got a REAL coach purse this past christmas and she absolutely loved it. I have to admit, I gave it to her, but she still loved it so much. It’s real. It’ s something she loves and would never get herself. I actually won it, just to show that giveaways give you some great stuff sometimes. She was so shocked. I put a clue on it that said “can it really teach you?” to hint. Answer: Coach. A coach teaches you. She didn’t get it, but it was fun. And her face was great. My mom wants to steal it!!!

  119. Sat Chen

    My favorite birthday was when my father told me he that he would be getting me a dog . I went ballistic (If you can’t tell I love dogs.) I really appreciated his effort because he feels really uncomfortable around animals. I still can’t help but smile whenever I remember this.

  120. Jennifer Beaty

    My best present ever was one year for Christmas my mom gave my sisters and I each a piece of her diamond jewelry that represented a significance in our lives (where they came from) and wrote us all a very long letter in our cards about how proud she was of us and what she loved most about us. We were all in tears! I don’t have the gift or card anymore, as I lost them in a flood, but I still have that memory that will last forever. My mom has since passed away and it was one of my most treasured moments. That year we did not have enough money to exchange bought gifts… but it was the best ever.

  121. juli

    My best present was my sewing machine – it’s been great learning how to do all these neat crafty things πŸ™‚

  122. Lubaska

    The best gift I ve ever received was a cute doll named Petra. My mom gave her to me at Christmas. She was in small suitcase made of fabrics and there were various clothes to change her wardrobe. In those old socialistic times it was quite rare kind of doll.

  123. Cathy B

    My best gift was this year from my husband. I expected nothing! Money is tight and there is no room for extras right now. I figured I would get my usual box of chocolate from See’s and was happy with that. My husband even mentioned how he tried to take the boys shopping for me but they were not into it. Nice.

    Then Christmas morning my husband came upstairs with boxes for me! I got a beautiful soft bathrobe since I am always grabbing his and complaining that it itches. Soft flannel pajamas since I usually sleep in his t-shirts and boxers. And socks!! Because I can never find matching socks that I like.

    It was great because it was stuff I needed and wanted that I NEVER would have bought myself. I felt so loved and listened to for the first time in a while.


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