Halloween Candy Doesn't Cause Hyperactivity


So we have love/hate relationship with candy here. But here’s another reason that you can sleep easy: candy, and sweets in general, aren’t causing your kids to be “hyper.” Turns out it’s just a health myth.

A double-blind study tested the effects of sweets on behavior and hyperactivity in kids. It turns out it has more to do with parents than their kids.

“Studies show that our expectations have a lot to do with it. When researchers tell a mom that her kid has been given a sugary drink (when it’s really water, for example), they are more likely to rate their kid’s behavior as “hyper” than when they are told it’s not sweetened.”

But I’m not totally sold. Candy may not make kids hyperactive, but it does excite them because they’re, well, eating candy.

Do you think candy makes kids “hyper”?

From Strollerderby.