Heads up: Our top tips for safe screen time.

Virtual classes and hangouts. Video gaming with friends. Scrolling social apps. These days, kids are spending way more of their time not only inside, but online — which unfortunately increases the risk of encountering cyber threats. To help protect your family’s digital presence, we’ve partnered with IdentityForce, the leader in identity theft protection with over 40 years of experience. Here are some of their top tips for safe scrolling.

Stay in the know.

Talk to your kids about who they’re talking to online. Open communication between you is key, so no hackers or predators can slip through the online cracks and access your family’s info.

Update security settings.

Put together a list of the different apps your kids use, and make sure to update the security settings for each one. Each app has individual settings, so you can make sure the apps your kids use have the right settings  in place to help them stay safe.

Keep it in the open.

Encourage your kids to keep their computers in common areas, so there’s less chance of something unsafe happening behind closed doors. This can also cut down on cyberbullying or unsafe use of apps and websites.

Play games together.

Multiplayer online games are super popular right now. Take time to play them with your kids, so you can familiarize yourself with the places where your kids interact with others online. (Bonus: more fun family time!)

Cool it on the screens.

With the increased amount of time spent in front of screens, breaks are definitely needed! ZenScreen is an app to help limit screen time, so you and the whole family can unplug. Plus, you can categorize every app to set specific usage times. Learn more about ZenScreen here.

Get social.

You might already be a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pro. But it’s good to familiarize yourself with apps kids love, like TikTok — where hackers have been posting false content into users’ feeds. Make sure you know what these different apps are, so you and your kids can have an open dialog and they can continue to scroll safely.

As we all continue to spend more time online during these unprecedented times, it’s important to know how to protect yourself from not just cyber threats, but the online scammers capitalizing on COVID-19. For more information about how to keep you and your kids safe online, visit IdentityForce.com.

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