How Becoming a Parent Changes You

When we become parents (especially moms) we give up a lot of ourselves. No, I shouldn’t say we “give up” but we put aside the girl and the young woman we once were and change into to a new person. This person called, “mom.” Responsible, selfless, diligent, always thinking, always moving, and tired a lot. For many of us we enjoy being mom. But we get swept up into the all-encompassing role of “mom” and lose track of the person we were before.

Then, for most of us, we reach a point in motherhood where we remember who we were before. Sometimes it’s connecting with old friends, or new friends who make you laugh. Maybe it’s date night with your husband or taking up running.

Somewhere is a magic trigger that helps you tap into that old version of yourself, and you decide to start giving that “self” a little more time and attention.

What’s amazing about motherhood is that when that old version of who you were before morphs with the person you are as a mom, sometimes something magical happens. When you take all the good things about who you once were and add the amazing things you’ve learned and have done as a mother, you become this totally different person. You become funnier, wiser, and stronger.

Over the last year and a half I’ve been on a kick to get healthier. That kick turned into a kick to get stronger. Two months ago I started running, this week I ran a 5K obstacle race for the first time. A year ago, I never would’ve dreamed of running down the driveway, let alone a 5K.

Maybe it’s because at seven and nine my kids have reached a certain level of independence. Maybe it’s because they’ve turned out to be pretty awesome kids and I had something to with that. Maybe because I know my body is capable of creating two amazing human beings and it dawned on me that if I can do that, maybe there is even more amazing things I can do.

Being a parent can be very empowering, especially when you embrace the person you were before you became a parent as well as the amazing person being a parent has helped you become.

What are some of the ways being a parent has changed you?