How Life360 Helped Kim’s Son Gain Independence

Our users at Life360 often share stories of how they’re using the app – whether it’s about how they are staying connected with their families or have peace of mind from monitoring new teenage drivers. The stories of gratitude we receive on a daily basis keeps us working hard to constantly improve our app. We recently connected with one of our users, Kim B, who offered to share her story about how Life360 helped give her son more independence.

Kim B. is a lifestyle blogger and mother of two that came across the Life360 app a few years ago through a Google search. She had been looking for a way to balance her son’s adventurous spirit and his safety for when we was away at summer camp. No matter what secret swimming hole he trekked to with his friends, she checked to make sure he was safe and accounted for while remaining hands-off.

“Being able to know where your kid is, is one less thing for a parent to worry about,” said Kim. “It’s priceless.”

Kim’s son has also fully embraced Life360 and uses it to help him explore his independence. When he turned sixteen, he wanted to travel from New Jersey to Manhattan by himself for the first time. Sensing his mom’s apprehension, he reminded her she can use Life360 to check his location and progress in real time. Kim agreed and now, when her son wants to travel to new cities, it’s easier for her to let go and worry less. Kim also plans to upgrade to Driver Protect once her son gets his license to help keep her at ease. She exclaimed:

“I’m going to be a nervous wreck when my son starts driving! Driver Protect adds that extra layer of protection for those unpredictable moments on the road.”

Another favorite feature Kim’s family enjoys is Life360’s ability to navigate directly to each circle member. After attending a Beyoncé concert with her son, they had to walk far away from the parking lot to escape gridlock traffic. Her husband, who was picking them up after the show, was able to see their location on the app and hit “get directions,” which took him straight to them.

We love all the ways Kim and her family are using Life360 to help their family experience more and worry less. Thank you for letting us share your story.

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