How Life360 helped Kris rescue her son during a school shooting

Kris’ son fleeing school grounds

Our users at Life360 often share stories of how they’re using the app – whether it’s about how they are staying connected with their families or have peace-of-mind from monitoring new teenage drivers. The stories of gratitude we receive on a daily basis keeps us working hard to constantly improve our app. We recently connected with one of our users, Kris O., who offered to share her story about how Life360 get to her son quickly during a school shooting.

On the morning of November 14, Ty was outside near the basketball courts at Saugus High School when he heard a gun begin to fire somewhere on campus. He started running with another boy from school and quickly called his mom, Kris, shakily telling her what was happening. Kris instructed the boys to keep running until she could get to them, so they both continued moving away from the school, jumping three fences and rolling under an industrial pipeline. 

Without an exact address, Kris was having to navigate through unfamiliar neighborhoods and streets to get to her son. Time was a factor, as she knew that the streets would soon be blocked off by police. 

The Life360 app made it possible for me to get directions to him quickly without him having to give me an address and me stopping to put it in. I was able to get to my son quickly and easily because of Life360.

We are so thankful Kris was able to reunite with her son during such a terrifying situation and that everyone is okay. Thank you to Kris and her family for letting us share his story.  

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