How Life360 helped Nancy and Jo off a mountain

We love hearing from Life360 members – whether it’s about how they are staying connected with family or finding peace of mind with teenage drivers. We recently connected with Nancy who offered to share her own story of getting Roadside Assistance with Life360.

Picture this: You’re stuck on the road. It’s winter. There’s barely a shoulder. Trucks are whizzing by and gas is leaking out of your car.

This was Life360 member Nancy and her daughter Jo. They’d been driving up a big hill in the mountains of Oregon when Nancy noticed she lost half a tank of gas in about a mile. Suddenly the car was on empty and out of power.

Nancy started to panic. They were hours away from home and she didn’t know if her insurance covered towing. Then she remembered that her Life360 Gold membership included 24/7 Roadside Assistance.

“I just opened up the app, clicked on a couple things and then I was on the phone with a really nice, reassuring woman.”

After explaining where they were and what happened, they were told that help was on the way. Life360 kept Nancy updated on when the tow truck would arrive.

Fortunately, the truck arrived early as temps were below freezing and they’d kept windows down, worried about the overpowering smell of gas. The truck took them to the shop where mechanics were able to fix the problem (a few missing bolts and a misinstalled new engine) in just two hours.

The best part?

“I never saw a bill for the tow truck or had to do any paperwork or anything! I always thought the membership upgrade was worth it just for the app features but now it has more than paid for itself from this experience.”

From the first call to the end, the process was easy and panic-free for all – even the tow truck driver – and got Nancy and Jo safely to their destination.

Keep your cool during a breakdown with 24/7 Roadside Assistance, available with Life360 Gold or Platinum. Access free towing, tire changes, refueling, locksmith services, jump-starts, and more.
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