How Life360 protected Wes’ daughter as a passenger in a car

Our users at Life360 often share stories of how they’re using the app – whether it’s about how they are staying connected with their families or have peace-of-mind from monitoring new teenage drivers. The stories of gratitude we receive on a daily basis keeps us working hard to constantly improve our app. We recently connected with one of our users, Wes J., who offered to share his story about how Life360 helped his daughter as a passenger in a car accident.

After spending a weekend at home visiting her parents, Kayla was getting a ride back to Liberty University with her friend when they both ended up in the center of a serious accident. The driver had overcompensated when trying to avoid a construction zone, causing the car to skid across loose gravel, slam into a nearby hill, and roll until it came to a stop.

Kayla was two hours from home when her Dad, Wes, received a voicemail from Life360 that let him know there had been an accident and emergency services were on their way to his daughter’s location. Wes got ahold of his daughter on the second try and she told him the car was totaled, but Life360 had contacted her to let her know help had been dispatched. They later learned Kayla had suffered a concussion and extensive bruising. 

It was very comforting to know that she didn’t have to call for help and explain what happened or where she was. All those important pieces were already taken care of by Life360.

Wes’ family downloaded Life360 3 years prior when one of his daughters’ graduated high school and his other children began to drive. As a family of 6, they often find themselves spread thin across multiple activities and events, so Life360 helps them stay connected throughout even the busiest of days. 

We fully trust our kids, but we also want to protect them. This app is truly proactive when it comes to safety. This is the first time in the 20+ years of using a tech service that it actually worked better than expected and as advertised.

Thank you so much to Wes and his family for sharing this story with us – we’re so thankful everyone is okay and that we could be there to keep you and your family safe and connected everyday.

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