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HPV Vaccine -Update

It was only a few short weeks ago that I wrote a post here on the Life360 blog about the HPV vaccine. You can head over here and read it now. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

OK now that you’re up to speed! I wanted to update you on some new developments regarding the HPV vaccine. These are especially important updates for those of you who asked on the blog, on Facebook and even on Twitter about the availability of this vaccine for boys. In the comments we told you that while the HPV vaccine had been approved for boys, it had not officially been “recommended” for boys. Private insurance companies do not have to pay for vaccines unless they are recommended for routine use by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices of the Center for Disease Control and prevention.  This was the case when our blog post on HPV was posted, but that has since changed.

Earlier this week the advisory committee officially recommended the HPV vaccine for boys ages 11 – 12 (as well as girls) and for men ages 13 – 21 who had not received the vaccine. The added inclusion of men 13 – 21 will be costly, but because of the dismal rate of girls receiving the vaccine the committee felt that it is worth it to try and include as many men as possible.

The HPV vaccine works best when given before the onset of sexual activity in boys and girls. And since one in five teens are having sex by the age if fifteen it becomes important to try and vaccinate kids before that age. But as one committee member pointed out, not ALL kids are having sex at the age of 13, which is why the vaccine is still being recommended to include older teens and men.

As I mentioned in my previous post, HPV infections cause about 15,000 cancers in women and 7,000 cancers in men each year. And as I asked in the last post, One in three people will get cancer. If you have a chance to protect your child from being that one, shouldn’t you?

“This is cancer, for Pete’s sake,” said Dr. William Schaffner, chairman of the department of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and a nonvoting member of the committee. “A vaccine against cancer was the dream of our youth.”

It still is. Talk to your doctor today about the HPV Vaccine for your boys and girls.

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20 Responses to “HPV Vaccine -Update”

  1. akili

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  2. Donna F.

    Hopefully this will help our youth. I wonder, however, if any research has been done on any side effects of these vaccines. I have a friend with a child on the autism spectrum who still does not speak at age 7, which was a result of childhood vaccines.

  3. Adele

    Reducing cancer rates is extremely important.. It is good that there are so many new technologies available today than there were years ago.

  4. Patricia Cartelli

    very informational, I only hope people will be aware of how good this good be for there young children

  5. Suzanne K

    I had a hard time deciding about this one because it's new and doesn't have a long history to show what unknown side effects will result, but in the end, decided to have my daughter get it now, before she becomes sexually active and it won't do any good. Fingers crossed that this is the right decision.

  6. @nscpbrat

    I've got a daughter that this was suggested for prior to her becoming sexually active, she is now 23 but she researched it herself at the time it was being pushed "to go out and get this new shot and all your troubles will be solved" and she really was opposed to getting the vaccine just because of the lack of information and what was out there was not as sterling as one would hope for. I did not force the issue, in our family knowledge was always power and I've always respected my kid's right to choose if they educated themselves prior to taking a stand. I still feel that we handled it appropriately at the time, I do see the other side of the argument but for us it wasn't the right time and there wasn't enough solid data to warrant getting the vaccine.

  7. teressa oliver

    I think the drug looks promising. However, I think we have become to quick to look for pharmaceutical answers to problems in general when it comes to children in particular. There are still so many unknown risks with this medication like all medications. Every day you see ads on tv about if you have taken such and such drug you may be entitled to compensation for the side effects. I dont think its fair to make this choice for children who are just not able to understand the potential consequences and decide for themselves.

  8. sleepyheadedmom

    Luckily I have quite awhile before my son is in the age range for the vaccine. I still feel as though I don't know enough about it to decide to vaccinate or not. In the meantime, I'll be sure to keep my eyes and ears open to any info on HPV and vaccines. When the time comes, we'll decide together what is best for him.

  9. 1955nurse

    I'm so glad they finally developed this – my Daughter is too old to receive it but both my nieces have gotten it, & I think it should be considered a routine vaccination just like the others – when I was a child, the Polio vaccine was a modern miracle, & this can be that for this generation of young women!!!

  10. Leslie S.

    My oldest daughter(13) has been vaccinated and the 11 yr old will be at her next check-up.I will also get it for my boys when they reach the right age.I look at it this way,better to have some protection than none at all.

  11. Kent

    I think this is a great idea to start giving boys the vaccine as well. Yes there needs to be more research done on the subject to make sure everything is absolutely sound. However, to help reduce HPV in both boys and girls I think this is the way to go.

  12. Kerri M

    I did not know that this was available for boys. HPV is a silent epidemic that runs rampant in our society. So glad that our options for our children are expanding with time.

  13. shannon

    This article was pretty informing. I received the HPV vaccine when I was younger but I had no idea they were considering giving it to boys as well. A good choice!

  14. Charity S

    This is very useful information that needs to be shared. Passing along to everyone I know. Thanks

  15. crystal allen

    whew, i had first read hpv vaccine, it's cancer for pete's sake! and thought o no, i have had my son vaccinated. i am so glad that i went on to read your post.. my heart was pounding, i was a whole lot sick and read on to find out that this vaccine is still a good thing. our doctor recommened it and we took her up on it.


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