Introducing Life360’s 2014 Blog Ambassadors

I am excited to introduce the first generation of Life360 blog ambassadors! This is a group of bloggers who will be providing content for you here, on our blog, and they will also be sharing exciting Life360 updates on their own blogs.

These ladies have been chosen for specific reasons; they each bring their own unique voice and experiences and will be sharing them with you in the coming months. They’ll be talking more than just tech; from family communication, to easy recipes, to general parenting tips, they’ve got lots of exciting content to come!

These are some great writers and lovely people, and we are thrilled to be working with them and having them share their words here… their posts will be starting later this week, so be sure to keep an eye on here and on our Facebook page to stay in the loop/

So without further ado, please meet the bloggers!

anneAnne Parris is a tired mother of four and perhaps the world’s worst part-time vegan. She is one of the founders of Midlife Boulevard, an on-line magazine for women in midlife. Also, she writes on her own blog Not A Supermom, a rather typical mom blog about parenting, laundry, and tricking her kids into eating vegetables.





Lori is a Family Digital Lifestyle expert and the founder of the Well Connected Mom. The WellConnectedMom reviews and discusses a myriad of technology products to find those which relate most to day’s families. An avid technology lover from her youth (can you say ATARI and Commodore 64?), Lori continues to delve into the latest and greatest technologies for families. Self-dubbed the “touchscreen Queen,” Lori investigates touchscreens from phones to computers to wearables and more to help navigate families through the abundance of devices on the market. Lori has a master’s degree from University of Southern California (USC) in Communications Management (Technology) and a BS from University of California Riverside in Business (marketing). She worked for Nestle USA for twelve years in sales, brand marketing, IT, and e-business marketing consulting before having children and deciding to work out of her home.


lisaLisa M. Frame is a whirling dervish based in Charlotte, NC. Blogging since 2002, she’s seen pretty much everything in the blogging world, and you’ll currently find her at A Daily Pinch. Lisa is an experienced community manager who specializes in building brand voice for digital properties. A wife and mother fueled by coffee and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, Lisa is currently working on a book about women and Southern culture.




kristiKristi Trimmer is a full-time travel and fitness blogger at One day she packed up her car and started the #GirlOnTheRun adventure traveling for 202 Days over 38 States and ran 10 Half Marathons. Kristi is currently on a trek to Alaska running along the way as she blog about fitness tech, eating soy free, and enjoying good craft beers and yummy wines. She uses Life360 so her family can know where she is at in the world at all times.



kateKate Canterbury has been online since the day of list servs. And kind of misses them. You can find her writing about technology, food, beer, and her twins on her blog The Guavalicious Life. Find her on EVERY social media outlet possible posting under the nom de plume guavalicious. She doesn’t like guavas.





kadiKadi Prescott, founder of Social Media Moms and mother of seven, began connecting with other parents online (what is now known as social media,) back in 2001. Three years later, Kadi decided to start sharing her parenting journey via a public blog, Our Seven Seeds. This quickly became an obsession for her; a way to feel not so alone as a very young, sleep deprived, unsure mom of many. Her once very lonely life as a stay at home mom, blossomed into a world of connection, socialization and friendship. Thanks to a little Blogspot address, Kadi had found her purpose and her people. Over the past 13 years, she has served many roles within social media, from speaker and blogging mentor, to brand ambassador and community manager. Kadi feels fortunate to have had some great mentors in the marketing industry. From both their guidance and her own experiences, she learned how to marry traditional marketing with social media. Although Kadi works mainly on the B2B side of things these days, creating social marketing strategy, she still loves to share her parenting stories because she feels that it is important for other moms to know that it is okay not to fit the June Cleaver mold.


JuliaJulia Roberts married into the name. In case you didn’t know, (the famous) Julia Roberts will not call your establishment to make her appointment. A geneticist’s dream,she and husband Julian (yeah, she knows, it’s a bit much for them too) produced two cute kids with a (super) rare syndrome that includes a vision disorder and kidney and liver diseases. She and Julian live in Atlanta, and own a marketing firm together. Learning to laugh at her life and their kids – which the grandparents find especially annoying – has helped her survive. That and Diet Coke. She runs Support for Special Needs And blogged for nine years at Kidneys & Eyes, before shutting it down. You can find her on twitter as @juliaroberts1 and


JenJen Lee Reeves is the Founder of Born Just Right, a community that focuses on supporting families of children born with limb differences. She is also a social communications strategist and trainer for a large non-profit. She has two children, 8-year-old Jordan and 12-year-old Cameron. She recently allowed Cam to use a phone but only if he has the @Life360 app so she has peace of mind when she travels for work. Jen is also married to a television news manager and they all love taking care of their new puppy, Bailey.




Heidi Leder chronicles family travel adventures and technology experiences at Coast To Coast Mom and is formerly the editor of Techlicious Moms, a technology lifestyle site for women. Heidi is a leading source for kids’ and family-friendly focused technology and has contributed to segments on the Katie Couric Show along with appearing on the tech channel of the Today Show website, and has appeared on and moderated panels about women and technology. When she’s not writing, she consults on consumer tech outreach, including hosting in-person, virtual, and online technology workshops for women across the country, and has been a brand ambassador for several major consumer electronics companies. Heidi is a former Silicon Valley PR pro, and was one of PR News’ “15 under 30 to Watch.” Heidi was raised in Michigan, has lived in Silicon Valley, Chicago, and finally in the NYC area, where she currently lives with her husband and son.


Robyn Wright has been a geek and foodie for as long as she can remember. Starting in the early 90s she was online and has had various websites over the years. Her current blog,, was started in 2008. Robyn passed along her geek qualities to her son, 19, who was raised in a digital world. Along with writing on her own blog, Robyn writes for several other blogs and works with major technology and food brands. You should also note that Robyn loves garlic and is easily amused!