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Is It OK to Be Naked in Front of Your Kids?

ok_to_be_nakedAt Babble, Emily Mendell wonders if it’s a good idea to let her ten-year-old son see her naked. Seems harmless, right? Well, Mendell wonders if her nudity is actually scarring her kids. (The first time I typed “scarring,” I wrote “scaring,” which might also be appropriate.)

Later, I ask my husband, “Do you think it’s creepy that I still let the boys see me without clothes on?”

“It’s not creepy. It’s not like you prance around or anything.”

“So, as long as there is no prancing, it’s okay?” “I think so.”

“What about when they’re teenagers?”

“You might want to rethink things then.”

But I didn’t want to rethink things. There are certain inalienable rights associated with the family. For me, nudity is one of them.

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