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5 Tips to Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

Whatever your New Year’s resolution is for 2011 — whether it’s eating fewer sweets, calling your extended family more often, or just trying to read more — these five tips will help you stay the course on becoming a better you.

1. Be Realistic

Being honest with yourself is a good first step. Don’t set unrealistic goals, but know that by bending your resolution is just cheating yourself.

2. Go Cold Turkey… Temporarily

If you’re trying to stop a bad habit, whether it’s too many sweets, cigarettes, etc., try quitting completely just to see how long you can do it. Once you understand how long you can go with it, you can set a realistic goal.

3. Meditate

Being mindful and focusing on the awareness of curbing unwanted behavior is a big step to keeping your resolution. Remember that you have control over all of your choices, so when a craving sets in, you are the one that decides whether to cave or triumph.

4. Don’t Scare Yourself

Don’t punish yourself if you fail occasionally. Instead, reward yourself when you succeed. Positive reinforcement is a much stronger motivator than disciplining yourself.

5. Help from Your Friends

The company you keep will greatly influence your success in the new year. So why not make sure your friends are keeping you on task? Having to report to someone other than yourself will encourage you to stick to your resolutions.

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