5 Great Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner. As in this weekend! You didn’t realize it was so soon? Fear not, here are a few last-minute Halloween costume ideas that will also be kind to your wallet.

Gardener: Take some old overalls and a wide-brimmed hat and you’re good to go. As an accessory, take an empty watering can and some flowers. The watering can could also be used to hold candy.

Little Red Riding Hood: If you can find a red hoodie, just cut it down the center and drape the sweatshirt over your daughter’s head. Then give her a picnic basket and send her on her way to grandma’s. Also remind her not to talk to strangers.

Painter: Try and find some white overalls from a thrift store and let your kids splatter paint on them (but do it outside, of course). Then let them walk around with the paintbrush and a (cleaned out) paint can to complete the costume.

Cow: Get white sweats and cut out black spots from felt and glue them on with fabric glue. You can also sew or glue ears on the food of a sweatshirt. The hardest part is making the tail, which can also be made from white felt.

Mummy: All you need is a few rolls of gauze to wrap your son or daughter in. Make sure your kids wear something underneath the costume to stay warm while trick or treating.

From CBS Moneywatch.

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