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“Life360 saved my son’s life tonight…”

Firefighters assisting with a crashed car
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How Life360 uses crash detection

Crash detection by Life360 allows Life360 to respond to over 200 car accidents per month. This feature is now auto-enabled for new users after turning on Drive Detection in settings.

Life is unpredictable, especially when it comes to car accidents, and you can never be fully prepared. Crash Detection by Life360 is a free technology that automatically detects when you, as a driver or passenger, has been in a car accident (over 25MPH). Once the crash is detected, Life360 will notify you, and everyone in your circle, that a crash has been detected, and ask if you’re OK. If you are not OK or you do not respond, and are a Driver Protect member, we will dispatch emergency responders to the exact location of the crash. Life360 is always there for you, especially during those unexpected times to ensure yours and your family’s safety – you can register online today. Here are some real user stories…

Life360 was there when it mattered the most.

Two crashed vehicles
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You guys saved my son’s life tonight. My son, along with 2 of his friends were hit by a driver head on, my son was ejected from the car and thrown from the vehicle. You guys alerted me as well as the cops and EMS. They were in the middle of nowhere and they were all badly hurt. No one could have called for help but you guys did and you saved my kid!  – Tattoo804, app store review

Today my son was in a serious car accident that ended with my son and his girlfriend upside down in a ditch after the vehicle rolled. There was a 7 minute response time from the time of the accident to the time EMS arrived; we live in an extremely rural area which makes this even more impressive. My husband received a phone call stating my son had been in an accident and authorities had been notified. I am so extremely grateful for Life360 for being there for my family! – Wallace7582, play store review

Elevated view of broken cars after accident.
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Car after car crash
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My 17-year-old son got into an accident this morning and Life360 called me within minutes of the crash, since I (his mom) was his emergency contact. They had already called the authorities and had them dispatched to the scene. I was very impressed with this service and so glad that he had this app on his phone with crash detection on. My son had actually already called me, just a minute before Life360 did, but if he had been unconscious or anything, we would have been notified. Thank You 360! – Emily Gray, play store review

Wanted to pass along that on July 28th, 2019 I got a call from San Francisco that I thought was a telemarketer. I declined it as I was already on the phone. A voicemail was left by a real person saying that my son was in a crash. Oddly enough, I thought it was a mistake of some kind until I called him. Sure enough there was a crash and I happened to be a block away. My 16 year old daughter was driving, my wife was in the seat, and my son in the back. EMS was there cutting my daughter out. To make matters worse my wife was recovering from shoulder surgery that happened on July 1st. I tell everyone about how much it is worth the money for Life360 premium! Thanks again! – Jason Newell, email

Black car with front smashed after accident
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Protect and connect the people who matter the most. Be prepared for the unexpected, and give yourself much needed peace of mind with the Life360 app. See more about our coverage here.

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