Life360 Extends Security Beyond the Home with ADT Go


Chris Hulls, CEO & Co-Founder of Life360, the world’s leading location and driving safety service for families

For the last decade, the handheld computers we carry with us everywhere have drastically improved our lives — from transporting us where we need to go, allowing us to see a doctor digitally, managing our bank accounts and even saving our lives by calling 911 for us when we get in a car accident. We are in a world where we are spending an average of five hours of our day on our phones (that’s 2,617 interactions with our phones on average!) — even families are opening the Life360 app over 12 times a day.

You might say we’ve reached the limits of what we can do while on-the-go, but this is only the beginning of the mobile revolution.

In the new year, we will see innovations in mobile technology continue to improve lives in even more fundamental ways. Take the safety and security space: the connected home security industry is on track to reach $15.6 billion globally by 2021 with more and more companies introducing advanced alarm systems, doorbell cameras, etc. But all of these innovations have the same problem: they are limited to only protecting your actual home and what is inside it.

Meanwhile at Life360 we’ve been connecting families on-the-go, bringing them peace of mind and security beyond the home for years. Millions of families use our services across the world and in the U.S. alone, and Life360 has doubled its size in the last 12 months making 2017 our biggest growth year.

And today, with the official launch of ADT Go, this vision of leveraging mobile technology to better serve people in their daily lives is even more of a reality with ADT’s use of our entrusted, proprietary location tracking technology and driver safety services to arm their users on-the-go. Together we are redefining the concept of personal security with a shared goal to allow families to feel safe and synchronized beyond the front door, no matter where they are.

This new kind of personal security is just a taste of what’s to come for the mobile space, as major industries including health, insurance and finance shift to mobile-first innovation. Imagine a world where these industries turn to advanced location technology to improve their services for their users. The future of mobile will be a 360-approach to securing everything in your life, not just in your home. We are excited to be a part of it.

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