Life360 + Galaxy Gear = Family location made even easier

We are now officially living in the wearable device era. Welcome Galaxy Gear.

Samsung has entered the market and ushered us into a new category. While the concept has been talked about for years, this is the first major foray by a consumer electronics giant. And it’s a good one, though maybe not what everyone expected. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We are thrilled that Samsung has invited us to be a part of this first generation as one of the apps available on the first shipments of Galaxy Gear. It’s available around the globe, and available US carriers include AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.


We are very proud of the Life360 app, specially designed for the Galaxy Gear. We worked closely with Samsung to create a user experience specifically built with busy families in mind. We had to rethink the interface from the ground up and focus on our core mission – to keep families connected with each other. We designed the app with a few distinct screens that allow you to see the location of your family members, check in from your current location or send a panic alert, send a predefined message and call Live Advisor. The app also works with our latest feature called “Circles”.

Best of all, families can stay in sync with integrated notification from Life360. How many times have you been in a meeting or some official function where looking at your smartphone is not polite or socially acceptable? Now you can get important notifications with a slight vibration on your wrist and a quick note telling you, for example, that your child has arrived at home. That’s a nice feeling.

Galaxy Gear is truly a companion device and not a stand alone computer. It uses Bluetooth for all its communications, connecting to your Samsung phone and the internet. This means you can make phone calls while speaking to your watch while your phone is actually doing the heavy lifting tucked away in your pocket. Calling a Life360 Live Advisor on Galaxy Gear only takes a few taps, and moments later you can speak with a live operator directly from your watch.

There are some great security features built in as well, such as locking your smartphone screen when you move far away from your phone. Also, quite conveniently, when you are close to your phone, the presence of Galaxy Gear removes the need for swiping to unlock your phone. We can all live with one less swipe.

Galaxy Gear also allows some cool watch customization. For example, you can change the look of your watch (analog, digital) or the color of your background and text. Gear also allows you to customize the home screen by defining the presets of most used actions or apps. We really like how our logo looks on the watch. Not bad, right?


What are your thoughts about wearable tech?

Are you as excited as we are about this next generation of smart living?