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Life360 goes with your family wherever you go thanks to Android Wear™

life360_mapThis week we’re excited to announce another step into the wearable space, with Android Wear. This is an exciting move for us, that allows us to help families stay connected not only through their smart phones on Windows Phone, iOS and Android, but also allows us to engage with wearable devices that run on Android Wear.

What this means for Life360 users on an Android wearable is that with the flick of the wrist they will be able to take advantage of innovative, new voice features to say things like, “start Life360” and the app will open. Once open, users can see where everyone in the family is located, and click on the specific family member to navigate directly to them. Users will also automatically receive card notifications when family members arrive to designated places like work, school or home, making it easier for busy families to stay connected throughout the day, without the friction of multiple text messages or phone calls. life360_place_alert

At Life360 our goal is to be the hub for today’s connected family across all connected devices and family assets such as the home or car, and wearable devices present an exciting opportunity for us to reach beyond smart phones to a broader group of users. Android users make up a significant portion of our user base today, so we are excited to join Android Wear so users can continue to take us with them wherever they go.

Let us know what your family thinks of wearable devices like smart watches and fitness trackers!

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  1. Donnita Ackley

    I use Life360 on my original Samsung Gear and am very happy to see you will be supporting Android Wear! Having access to Life360 was a requirement for me to even consider replacing my 1st generation Gear with an Android Wear device. I love my current watch but am very excited about what is coming! Thanks!


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