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Meet Life360’s Best Features

We’ve been working hard and listening to all of your feedback to offer you the best version of Life360 yet.

Looking back on 2016, and the previous 8 years as an app, we’re proud to continue offering you the fastest, most accurate location technically possible. We’ve also listened to your wants and your needs to bring you features perfect for a family that wants Peace of Mind in knowing that everyone is safe.


Our most accurate location routes ever

We’ve improved our location technology to intelligently adjust how it samples based on your current activity. For example, if you’re driving we’ll sample location more frequently to deliver a smoother path of updates.

We’ve made location much more responsive by optimizing the amount of time it takes to wake up your device and to deliver an extremely accurate location sample.

We’ve invested heavily in all parts of our location technology to ensure our reliability, responsiveness and accuracy are truly best-in-class!


Life360 Driving

Drive Details

We provide Peace of Mind to loved ones by knowing where people are and when. But what about when they travel from place to place?

We now show you how safely a Circle member drives from one location to another. We tell you top speed reached, if the phone was used during the drive, and areas where the driver was braking hard or gunning the gas. We want to help your family become better, safer drivers.





A polished look that’s easy to use

We know it’s not a good experience when you download an app and you can’t even figure out how to use it or to add any friends! We have an entire team dedicated to building a beautiful app that’s intuitive to how you use it.

We’re most excited about introducing the ability to label Places. There may be places your loved ones only travel on occasion, but you still want context when they are there (like “Movies” or “Charlie’s house”). Label a place that your Circle travels to regularly, and if you want to be notified every time someone has arrived or left from there – add a Place Alert to it!


We love feedback! Let us know what you think of our app and how you use it most, just comment below.


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