Magnetic Student Driver Signs Make the Road Safer for New Drivers

student_driver_signInspired by Britain’s requirement that all student drivers have learner license plates on their cars (denoted by an L), John Kelly of the Washington Post suggests that new drivers should have magnetic signs on their cars that say so. “Student Driver” signs would make other drivers more aware of the novice behind the wheel, and perhaps keep them safer on the road.

Says one parent, an experienced driver, “Everyone gave me space, let me merge, no one honked. What a pleasurable drive. It was only after I parked that I realized I had left the ‘Student Driver’ signs on the car! I guess they work.”

It’s probably a good idea, but I can’t imagine getting teens to agree to it. How would your newbie-driving teen react if you put a Student Driver sign on his/her car?

Article at the Washington Post.