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Making Santa Real

One of the most magical parts of Christmas is helping your kids continue to believe in Santa Claus. Sometimes though, as your kids get a little older, you need to think of creative ways to keep the magic alive. Here are a few tips you can use to help keep the magic of Santa alive and real.

  • Cookies, Milk & Treats for the Reindeer – This is a classic but I need to list it here nonetheless. Don’t forget to leave some carrots for the reindeers and cookie and milk for Santa. You must make sure to remember though these items better have been eaten and drank and the carrots long gone before the kids wake up in the morning. Add something a little special by making sure Santa leaves a thank you note in place of them…
  • Reindeer Food – Follow this magical recipe a few days before Christmas and then make sure the very last thing you do before going to bed is spread the reindeer food on the front lawn. Follow this recipe (which includes printable gift tags because they make great gifts too) and if you’re lucky and the moon is out you’ll catch a magical glittery reflection on the lawn. A moment full of wonder that can’t be captured on camera and your kids will remember for the rest of their lives.
  • Boot Prints – If you have a fireplace and some ash left inside from a fire, the kids may be amazed to see boot prints in the ash when they wake up Christmas morning.
  • Santa Phone Calls and Letters – A quick Google search will reveal a huge amount of free Santa letter forms and sites that offer low cost or free calls from Santa. If you’re willing to pay a little bit of money (around $15.00) you can schedule a LIVE call form Santa or a detailed letter from the North Pole. Your kids can’t deny a magical call from a very REAL Santa Claus a day or two before Christmas…
  • Catch Santa – For just about $10 you can snap a picture of your tree and send it to icaughtSanta where they will add Santa to make a very real looking picture of Santa leaving presents under YOUR tree and this year they also have video available as well! Your kids won’t have any doubts after see these.
  • Track Santa – Norad has been helping families track Santa for years, but now with Facebook, twitter and the web it’s even easier. We have Norad up on the computer all during Christmas Eve and the kids check periodically all day and night. It’s also a GREAT incentive for getting them to bed on time…
  • The Roof – OK, so I don’t actually recommend this one, BUT I have to admit that the magic of hearing someone walking across our roof on Christmas Eve a handful of times was unmatched by any other magical holiday moment. And for the record, to this day, no one in my family has ever actually admitted to climbing up on the roof and walking around, so who’s to say it wasn’t Santa?

What are some of the ways you help keep the magic of Santa alive in your house?

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