Making the most of the new messaging features in Life360

This is an exciting update that Life360 has been working on for quite a while, and we want to let you know some of the coolest parts, and some of the best ways to take advantage of our all-new in-app messaging! This is a feature that can be used whether you have a paid Life360 plan or not.

First off, we now have emojis! (Insert woo hoo emoji here) Sometimes, a single emoji can express a whole sentence… Why type out “Let’s go get pizza and coffee before dance class!” when you can just put this:

emoji statement

While it isn’t a life-changer, we’re excited that it makes it a little easier to communicate with those closest to you.

Our new threaded messaging makes it easier to manage multiple conversations at once; rather than a single jumbled list of messages, it’s now easier to see who is responding to which message.


We’ve added a typing notifier and read receipts. It’s so helpful, knowing when someone has seen the message, even if they haven’t had a chance to reply yet.

And not a new feature, but something that is great anyway; did you know that you can message only specific Circle members? You don’t have to message everyone with everything, you can easily select specific people. (This applies to Lists as well; not everyone in the Circle needs to be included on every list!)


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