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Meet Sarah, from

I am so excited to be starting this new series here on our blog, featuring some awesome tech bloggers that we admire and think you’ll enjoy as well!

First up is Sarah, who blogs at Technology for Moms, where she keeps you up to date on the latest must-have apps, must-know info and tips to manage your digital life.

Without further adieu, here’s Sarah!

Name: Sarah Kimmel
Location: Utah
Family Members: 4 (2 kids, 2 parents)

Mac or PC? Why? PC all the way! The Apple operating system is so restrictive and I like to customize the way I work. Plus I’ve been fixing and using Microsoft PC’s for over 10 years, and have several Microsoft certifications, definitely would not switch. Everything is harder on a mac.

iPhone or Android? Why? Android, again because it’s so much more customizable. iPhone is just a wall of apps. With Android I can customize my home screen with widgets and see my calendar, my task list, my calories for the day and latest Facebook updates without even opening an app.

How many total “devices” are in your household? (Laptops, desktops,
tablets, smartphones, other phones, networked video game systems…)
Oh man, are you really going to make me count?? I’d say over 20.

What are some of your favorite apps that make life easier for you as a mom? My favs on my tablet are Due Today (it has a great widget, and syncs with for my to do list, Grocery IQ for my grocery lists, Calorie Counter by Fat Secret for my diet, Evernote to keep track of notes, EEBA for my budget, Instagram to share photos, and Next Issue to read magazines.

What do you think is the most appropriate age to introduce a smartphone to kids and why? (A recent survey said 44% of moms think 10 year olds should have a smartphone) Probably 12 years old for me. At 12 some kids are starting to babysit, and many homes don’t have a landline phone anymore, I’d want them to have a way of contacting me. Also, 12 is just on the verge of being a teenager, and I think they are more able to handle the responsibility of a smartphone.

What is the coolest app you’ve used lately? Instagram is definitely my favorite app.

What apps do you enjoy using with your kids? We like to play with photos and make them fun and pretty. We love using pixlr-o-matic and PocketBooth. Of course we also LOVE playing Angry Birds, Where’s My Water and Cut the Rope.

You’ve been granted magic app-creating powers. What does your ultimate app do? I have several apps in the back of my head, but the main one I would love to see happen is a “field journal” app. Kinda similar to google goggles, but for the kids to take pictures of things in the world, and then be able to look up what they are and maybe write when and where they saw the thing, and some observations on it. Even if they make up stuff about the object it would be a super fun record for the kids.

Sometimes we all just need to “unplug” and enjoy family time. But it’s hard! How do you manage to do this with your own family? I have a desk, and an office. Even though I have a laptop I rarely move it from the desk. So if Mommy is in the office, she’s working, when I go downstairs I keep up date on my smartphone for any emergencies, but am mostly unplugged and just hanging out with my family.

Facebook or Twitter – which do you prefer? And why? I actually like them both for very different reasons, so it’s like asking me to compare apples and oranges. Facebook for personal things and only sharing with people I have actually met in person, Twitter for my more “public” facing profile.

So you’re considered a tech expert and we have to ask…when did you become fascinated with technology? Was there a moment or period in your life when tech became really interesting to you? Again… LOL… Always. My Dad’s official title at work is “Senior IT Specialist” and he works for IBM. I’m 33 and I don’t remember ever not having a computer in the house. I was playing on DOS before I was in Jr. High. Being a “Daddy’s Girl” definitely instilled a love of technology in me from the very beginning.

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