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Moms Can Be Fired for Maternity Leave

In Massachusetts, one new mother was fired after taking 11 weeks for maternity leave — which she had agreed on with her employer verbally — instead of eight. Since not more than eight weeks of leave is mandated by the state, the court ruled that the mother had no case. Why doesn’t the government give more time for new mothers? Or better protect their leave?

First of all, eight weeks is not a whole lot of time off, and to assume each and every woman is ready and able to leave her child within that timeframe is absurd. And many states only require six weeks of leave for new mothers.

You’d think that at a company where they value their employees, they wouldn’t want women returning to work before they’re ready. Is it a ridiculous notion that people perform better when they’re in the right state of mind?

Interesting fact: in Canada, women get an entire year of maternity leave.

How much time should work places give for maternity leave?

From Strollerderby. Photo by Sean Dreillinger.