More Than a Million Children’s Products Recalled in July, Many of them Baby Gear

The CPSC announced 21 recalls in July, including an expansion of a previously recalled product. Of the 21 recalls issued, ten (48%) were for children’s products. The other recalls this month were scattered across various categories, including 6 (29%) from the Home & Garden category.

There were four children’s recalls involving over 100,000 units in July. Two were for baby and toddler gear. The first, with the highest number of units this month (455,000) was for a Chicco Polly high chair that was recalled because children can fall on or against the pegs on the rear legs of the chair, posing a bruise or laceration hazard. The high chairs also had a high injury to incident ratio with all 21 reported incidents resulting in an injury.

The other baby and toddler gear recall, involved 223,000 units. The stroller poses an strangulation hazard. Two incidents were reported, with strangulation death of a six-month old after his head the seat and the tray of the stroller.

Both the high chair and the stroller were on the market for over 7.5 years before being recalled. Make sure to check yours carefully, whether you bought it new or secondhand.

Another 300,000 units of the Discovery Kids Animated Marine and Safari Lamps were recalled in July because they posed a fire and burn hazard. This lamp has been recalled several times in the past. The lamp’s importer, Innovage LLC, first recalled versions of this lamp in February 2010. The recall involved nine reported incidents, including seven fires. That recall was reannounced in March of this year after the CPSC learned that at least some of the recalled lamps were accidently resoldby Meijer stores. Additional versions of the lamps were recalled in June 2011 by another importer, Nantucket Distributing. That recall included three reports of sparking, but no property damage. Finally, as noted above, the lamps were recalled again by Innovage in July 2012. Some of the models numbers are the same as those included in the first, 2010 recall. This time, 11 incidents were reported, resulting in 3 fires, but no injuries.

The 4th children’s recall to top 100,000 units in July was also the one with the highest number of incidents this month. 100,500 units of Flexible Flyer swing setswith see-saw attachments were recalled because the see-saw seats can break during use, posing a fall hazard. At the time of recall, 1,232 incidents were reported, a number that is statistically significant in terms of both units and the number of months sold (six). Thirteen injuries to young children were also reported.

The two other baby and toddler gear recalls this month were for Kolcraft tandem strollers and Vaude child carriers. The remaining children’s product recalls included trampolines, aqua socks, beach chairs and toy vehicles. You can view all the latest children’s product recalls at

Two other recalls in July involved over 100,000 units, both in the Home & Garden product category. 280,000 sets of multi-colored holiday lights were recalled due to a risk of fire and electric shock, and 162,700 carbonation-system water bottles were recalled due to a risk of bottles bursting. In the latter case, three injuries were reported at the time of recall.

Also of note, a recall from June 2012 has been expanded to add 2,500 full and twin-size Bordeaux Collection bed frames to the nearly 20,000 units of king and queen-sized frames previously recalled. The beds were recalled because the hardware holding the headboard and footboard can loosen or detach. The firm has received more than 100 reports of headboards or footboards detaching.

In addition to the 21 new recalls this month, one previous recall was updated by the CPSC to include additional identifying information. SKU numbers have been added to the overarching floor lamps recall, which involved 5750 units and was originally recalled in February 2012. Please check your lamp to see if it is included in the recall.

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