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National Zoo and Aquarium Month

In addition to National Safety Month, June is also National Zoo and Aquarium month! It was started by the American Association of Zoological Parks and Aquariums to promote zoo visitation and education. And lucky for me just happened to coincide with my daughter’s Kindergarten field trip to the Oakland Zoo. It had been a couple of years since I’d been there last and my daughter hardly remembered her last trip to the zoo. Which is my fault, because it’s not that far and we really should take advantage more often of having a zoo so close.

But at least we got to kick off National Zoo and Aquarium month the right way!

Here are some of our favorite photos from this year’s trip! I hope you enjoy them!

Kids love learning about exotic zoo animals, but all the books and movies in the world can’t prepare them for the excitement of seeing those animals in real life.

Our trip was a cold and cloudy day but well worth the light rain that we felt on and off throughout the morning. The lions were hiding out from the rain, but the rest of the animals were out and about and as curious about the excited kids as the kids were to see them.

Thanks to our trip and in honor of National Zoo and Aquarium month, I’m now inspired to look into purchasing a yearly membership so we can make the most out of the zoo during the summer vacation.

If you don’t have a zoo nearby don’t worry! You can still celebrate National Zoo and Aquarium month by visiting sites like where they have an assortment of fun activities you can do with the kids at home to celebrate.

If you do live close to a zoo or aquarium, how often do you go get to go? If you have some fun zoo photos too, send them to and get featured on the blog!

12 Responses to “National Zoo and Aquarium Month”

  1. Krista

    I live near the Newport Aquarium in Kentucky. My favorite aquarium is the one in Atlanta. I love to watch the Beluga whales! 🙂

  2. christina Karnes

    We love Riverbank Zoo in Columbia SC. We go at least twice a season

  3. Beveanne McKinley

    love the shots…we just got back from l.a. and went to the zoo at griffiths why is it that the males decide in front of kids is the perfect place to mate?

  4. Fran

    I miss the aquarium back home in Brooklyn. Stuck in the middle of Florida in a small town, all the good stuff is a 2 hour drive 🙁 Need to make plans though, I want my son to have the chance to enjoy it.

  5. heather c

    We live near both zoos and aquariums, but it seems like such a hassle to go more than once a year. The crowds, parking costs, raised prices, etc.

  6. Wendy

    We live closest to the Kansas City Zoo, but my favorite are the zoos in St. Louis and Omaha. It's good to call ahead and find out what time they feed the animals so they're not all napping when you show up! Not quite as exciting. lol 🙂 Love the zoo photos! Makes me want to go and it's been a long while since we have!

  7. eva

    I have the santa barbara zoo but we don't go often, because it tiny. I would love to go an aquarium though especially like the ones they have in sea world ! :]

  8. Beth T.

    If anyone is going to Southern California, I highly recommend the Long Beach Aquarium. It is an amazing facility that balances entertainment and education.


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