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Is the New TSA Screening Procedure Too Invasive?

This is a parenting blog with an emphasis on family safety, so we usually maintain a “better safe than sorry” kind of mentality. We like to think we’re cautious. But the Transportation Security Administration has always been a point of contention, and the new heightened screening procedures have left passengers feeling annoyed, angered, and in worst cases, violated.

All passengers must undergo a full body scan, and if they opt out, are forced to go through a manual hand pat down from a TSA agent. But there are many airports that don’t have body scan machines, meaning pat downs are mandatory to fly.

In Dayton, momblogger Erin of Our Little Chatterboxes believes she was sexually assaulted by a female TSA agent, who touched her just about everywhere someone can be touched. A six-year-old was subjected to a similarly invasive pat down in Charlotte — SIX YEARS OLD. It’s gotten to the point where the the U.S. Airline Pilots Association is even urging pilots to avoid the body scans.

While I understand that it’s the TSA’s job to protect airplane passengers, but at what point are they going too far? Have they already crossed that line?

Do you think the new TSA security procedures go too far? Or are they necessary?

12 Responses to “Is the New TSA Screening Procedure Too Invasive?”

  1. Rog

    Of course. It is selective in nature. If you have to use such procedures, then it should be 100%. Otherwise we will eventually get smartypants TSA members picking and choosing the touchy feely targets. It is way too much, in that many people can't stand to be touch by others. This will create more problems for Homeland Security than its worth. I do not think it is effective. Looking for suspicious characters is one thing, identifying them is another, but many bad guys have no face or character traits that can be easily identifiable. Therefore, I prefer the x-ray scatter-back type machine to detect metals or objects, than to have some fruit touching you all over. The military still has the don't ask, don't tell in effect… Will this roll over to TSA?

  2. TooSad

    Have the terrorists won? Give up your personal dignity and reasonable right to privacy for the sake of minimizing the “risk” to national dignity. Waiting to have TSA install at entrances to all public buildings, freeways, bridges, stadiums, and national monuments to truly give terrorists all they could ever want for enjoying America’s volentenary insanity.

  3. Dean

    "It just is what it is." How many times has indifference and inaction led to atrocities in our history? A TSA representative stated in that viral youtube video "…when you entered the airport, you gave up your rights…" Do you agree with that statement? No one should be forced to be sexually molested (it isn't just a standard pat down, they cup your testicles and fondle your breasts) or having radiated scanned explicit images taken to get onto a plane.

    Where does this end? Like little sheep to the slaughter – next the TSA will require people to be bar-coded or implanted with biometric chips. Will you do anything to be "safe"? It's time to make stand. We the people together can stop the insanity.

  4. Dee

    While the intent is good, I heard the process is selective. That means they pick and choose, not making it mandatory for everyone. Isn’t that discriminatory? And these frisky agents…seriously? Has anyone thought of bringing a lawsuit against the TSA for sexual assault or molestation? Would you feel ok with them touching you, your spouse, your parents, or your child like that? Ironically, when you purchased your plane ticket did they notify you of your new rights or lack there of? Did it make you agree that you’d have to subject yourself to such? Those new machines are also exposing you to a decent amount of radiation. A side of cancer anyone? A what point are we going to stop this?

  5. Charity S.

    We have a southern border that's wide open, but citizens are getting frisked at the airport. Sure, I believe in keeping all passengers safe, but this is not the way.

  6. jc19

    Why don't we make two seperate airlines. One that does not require any security screening at all and one that does. All those that feel they are being 'molested' can take the non-screening flights!!!

    I know which one I'm takin'!!!!

  7. Peter

    Write to your senator. They're the ones who are responsible for these procedures in the first place. They're the ones who can put a stop to it. It's already acknowledged that neither of these procedures will catch things that are actually inside of a person's body. The next logical step? Use your imagination. *shudder*

    Yes, these are too invasive and none of these new security methods have actually caught or stopped a terrorist so far. Maybe we really should look to Israel for how to secure our aircraft. It's more strict in some ways, but I don't believe that they use either x-ray scanners or invasive pat-downs.

  8. when

    The real question should be… where will the added security stop? Surely this isn't the last time they will elevate security measures at airports. It will probably go something like this:

    -Next terrorist tries to explode a bomb he hides in his anus.
    –TSA forces you to drop pants, bend over, and cough in a special room at all security gates
    -Next terrorist after that blows himself up in the line while going through security
    –TSA sets up an additional security gate just to get into the airport
    -Next terrorist after that smuggles in heat-seeking shoulder fired missile across mexico border and downs a plane
    –Checkpoints set up at every road within 5 miles of airports, all cars to pass through checkpoints have to be searched.

    Where is safety too much safety? We will never be completely safe.

  9. heather c

    Is TSA at least screening their employees to ensure that they aren't hiring molesters? Good grief, they're sticking their hands down underwear, people!
    I'm all for safety, but I'm also for nobody touching or feeling my body parts without my permission…or taking my naked-pic and posting it on the internetz.

  10. Heather S

    Come on people, if you dont' want to fly, rent a car. I mean the TSA is darned if they do, darned if they don't. Can you seriously tell me that if another terrorist attack is successful on American soil that the American public isn't going to cry out with a response that the governement should have done more, that the screening process let that person onto the airplane. Does the screening process suck, Yes, is there a better way, possibly, but come on, if you want to fly then deal with it. If you want it to change then take it professionally to your lawmakers don't get all Drama Queen on a post that isn't going to be read by anyone who can actually do anything about it.

  11. FUCK

    This is required to ensure the safety of the american people. Stop being so damn sensitive, I was in Europe going from airports and they been doing this for a while..Americans are too sensitive and conceited.

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