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Is the New TSA Screening Procedure Too Invasive?

This is a parenting blog with an emphasis on family safety, so we usually maintain a “better safe than sorry” kind of mentality. We like to think we’re cautious. But the Transportation Security Administration has always been a point of contention, and the new heightened screening procedures have left passengers feeling annoyed, angered, and in worst cases, violated.

All passengers must undergo a full body scan, and if they opt out, are forced to go through a manual hand pat down from a TSA agent. But there are many airports that don’t have body scan machines, meaning pat downs are mandatory to fly.

In Dayton, momblogger Erin of Our Little Chatterboxes believes she was sexually assaulted by a female TSA agent, who touched her just about everywhere someone can be touched. A six-year-old was subjected to a similarly invasive pat down in Charlotte — SIX YEARS OLD. It’s gotten to the point where the the U.S. Airline Pilots Association is even urging pilots to avoid the body scans.

While I understand that it’s the TSA’s job to protect airplane passengers, but at what point are they going too far? Have they already crossed that line?

Do you think the new TSA security procedures go too far? Or are they necessary?